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In private lessons your child will also enjoy the full attention of the language teacher and will…

Easy Learning

You want to know how and where your child can learn more languages? The sooner the better…

Certified Teachers

Our certified language teachers are native speakers with advanced teaching experience…


A qualified language school can provide evidence of such references. The certification…

One To One Courses

Kids & Adults

The Speaking Cats online multimedia language course is for children ages 6-15. Early language learning program with all the necessary elements for a fun language course for children. You can choose between English, French, Arabic.

We offer a wide range of online courses for Adults : Flexible , Enjoyable & beneficial.

Careful Environment

We devoted ourselves to establish an appropriate learning atmosphere for kids by bringing their eagerness for amusement and their needs for acquiring new languages together. We want to provide kids with all means to have the confidence in speaking the provided languages with foreign teachers from all over the world online.

Learning Languages

A research has shown that children learn better whenever they are exposed to both verbal and visual information. The presence of the audio-visual aspects would ,definitely, result in providing an effective learning approch with satisfying results.

Important Note

The kids are aware of the information that they get through TV, or computer games, however, they quickly forget the ones they learn from the school subjects. So far, an important role that the modern multimedia plays in learning foreign languages is providing an opportunity for the kids to be directly exposed to the language with a native presentation.

Expert Teachers

Our teachers are experts in online One-on-One teaching. An online teacher has to be energetic and wise, knowledgeable and well prepared, creative and resourceful. This happy influence will create a cheerful learning environment for your child, with no possibility to get bored.

The Speaking Cats

The Speaking Cats is an online one-on-one English education platform for children & adults.



The lessons will be on two different platforms based on the wish of the student :

the student won’t be charged any fees for using the platforms

Our Speaking Cats Online Language Teachers


Alyson Van Lier


Beatriz A. Barron

Doreen-Fleisch profile

Doreen Fleisch

Francisca-al-Halaseh profile picture

Francisca al-Halaseh




Leo Aquino

Lisa-Copland profile picture

Lisa Copland

Lucille-Nortje profile picture

Lucille Nortje


Margie Basli

Milica-Popovic profile picture

Milica Popovic


Namrata Aneja

Nicole Goss

Pi Llena

Michele N. Bartlett

Tijana-Petkovic Profile picture

Tijana Petkovic


Tijana Stepic

Viv Sandwith

Viv Sandwith

Yegashni Thambiran

Profile picture of a Youssef El Ameer

Y. J. Elamir (Founder)

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