A Movie

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Select the word that doesn’t go with the word.




sound system



Complete the sentences with words from the list.

comfortable - art - cheap - not much - high-definition - healthy

1 I hope you have a comfortable seat because it’s a long film. You’ll be sitting for a long time.
2 I like   films by Bergman or Fellini. I don’t like those expensive
Hollywood films.
3 Our old TV was terrible, but now the new TV has a    screen, so the picture is really clear.
4 My mum only allows me to eat celery, carrots, and   snacks like that.
5 I’m very tall, so I don’t like watching films at the cinema because there’s   legroom.
6 I couldn’t enjoy the film because of the    sound system. I couldn’t hear anything.

Time to Talk 1

You’re going to have a movie night at your home. Read the list of things below that can make a movie night fun. Add four more things to the list.

1- pizza
comfortable sofa
plenty of drinks
4- good friends
5- __________
6- __________
7- __________
8- _________

Rank the things  from 1-8
(1 = very important to have for a fun movie night).


Match the types of films from the box with the pictures below.

action - animated - comedy - horror - science fiction - western



Match the words with the definitions on the right.

1- The person who tells the actors what to do     a film critic
2- Words at the bottom of the screen to help people understand what the actors are saying        b star 
3- Actors’ voices replaced with other voices speaking a different language    c subtitles
4- An article that describes how good or bad a film is    d dubbed 
5- The main actor or actress in a film      e director   
6- A person who writes articles about how good or bad a film is    f review  

Time to Talk 2

Read the questions below and make a note of your answers.

1. What was the last film you saw? Who was it directed by?
2. Do you prefer watching films at home or at the cinema? Why?
3. Do you read film reviews?
4. Do you prefer foreign films that are dubbed or with subtitles?
5. ____________ ?
6. ____________ ?

Ask and answer the questions.
Example A: What was the last film you saw?
                   B: It was Star Wars.

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