A radio advertisement

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Make a list of all the different places you can see or hear advertisements.

Answer the questions below.

1 Do you ever buy things because of advertisements? What?
2 Are there any advertisements that make you laugh? Which ones? Why?
3 Are there any advertisements that make you angry? Which ones? Why?

Use the words below to complete the definitions below.

bargain - delivery - guarantee - product - trial - two for the price of one

a Something a company makes to sell is called a product .
b A    is a promise by a company to repair or exchange a product that has a problem.
c A    is when you can try something for a short time before you buy it.
d A    is when a company sends a product to your home or work.
e When you pay for one product and the company gives you one more for free, you get   .
f If you buy something very good for a low price, you get a    .


You are going to read advertisements for five different products.
 look at the picture on each advertisement and guess what it is advertising.Then Read it and talk about your experience with similar products.
Example A: I think advertisement 2 is for chocolates.
                    B: Yes, expensive chocolates!

Match the words to make sentences. Then write numbers to match each sentence with an advertisement.

If you buy this cereal,                a delivery will be free.   
2-If you drink this,                b  you’ll get a plastic dinosaur.   
3-If you order online,                you won’t be fat.   
4- If you use this,              d    you’ll be fit.   
5- If you come here,                you can watch TV on the train.  

Language Focus

We can use the first conditional to talk about possible situations in the future.

We can replace will in the result part of the sentence with some other modals.

In questions, we usually put the will-part of the sentence first. If the will-part comes first, we don’t use a comma between the two parts.

The words in parentheses in the correct form to complete the phrases.

1 If we don't leave (not/leave) now,        if they miss the last train?  
2 If you   (be) hungry,               his boss will sack him.  
3 Will he   (come) to the party     we may miss our flight. 1
4 If she   (want) a bargain,      the picnic will be cancelled.  
5 If Max   (be) late again,            .I’ll make you a sandwich.  
6 How will they   (get) home  .  you’ll be tired tomorrow.  
7 If the weather   (not/improve),          . if I invite him?  
8 If you   (not/go) to bed early,        .  she can try that discount shop.  

Sounding Natural

Listen. Slect the words you hear on each line.

Time to speak

You are going to make a 30-second radio advertisement for one of the products in the reading activity.

Choose a product and use the table below to plan your advertisement.

Decide what to say in the radio advertisement and write a script.
Example Choco l'amour luxury chocolates – for the lady in your life.
                If you love her, you'll give her Choco l'amour.
                If you give her Choco l'amour, she'll love you!

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