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Types of Food

Vocabulary A1 : Food

Talking about food and drink
The following words for types of food and drink are usually uncountable. You cannot put a or an in front of them. You often put some or any in front of them.
bread    butter    cheese    chocolate    coffee    meat    milk    fish    fruit     rice

Would you like some bread?
I usually have coffee with my breakfast.
We haven't got any milk.
Do you like chocolate?
You can talk about a piece of bread/chocolate/meat, etc., a cup of coffee or a glass/bottle of milk.
The following words for types of food are usually countable, and you need to use a or an in front of them. If you put some or any in front of them, you need to make them plural.
                    apple                  banana                  egg
I took an apple to eat after school.
I bought some bananas.
Are there any eggs in the fridge?

The following words for types of food are usually plural.
                         chips       vegetables
I had meat and vegetables for dinner.
Do you like chips?

Good to know

Cake can be countable or uncountable.
I bought some cakes for us.
Donna made me a birthday cake.
I ate a lot of cake this afternoon.
Would you like a piece of cake?

Words for talking about food

apple (n) An apple is a firm round fruit with green, red, or yellow skin.
banana (n) Bananas are long curved fruit with yellow skins.
bread (n) Bread is a food made mostly from flour and water.
breakfast (n)  Breakfast is the first meal of the day, usually eaten in the morning.
butter (n) Butter is a soft yellow food made from cream that you put on bread.
cake (n) A cake is a sweet food that you make from flour, eggs, sugar, and butter.
cheese (n) Cheese is a solid, usually white or yellow, food made from milk.
chips (pl. n) Chips are long, thin pieces of fried potato.
chocolate (n) Chocolate is a sweet brown food that you eat as a sweet.
coffee (n) Coffee is a drink made from boiling water and coffee beans.
dinner (n)  Dinner is the main meal of the day, usually eaten in the evening.
drink (v) When you drink a liquid, you take it into your mouth and swallow it.
eat (v) When you eat something, you put it into your mouth and swallow it.
egg (n)  An egg is a round object that is produced by a female bird, that people eat as
fish (n) A fish is an animal that lives and swims in water, that people eat as food.
food (n) Food is what people and animals eat.
fruit (n)  Fruit is the part of a tree that contains seeds, covered with a substance that you can eat.
lunch (n) Lunch is the meal that you have in the middle of the day.
meat (n) Meat is the part of an animal that people cook and eat.
milk (n)   Milk is the white liquid that cows, and some other animals produce, which people drink.
rice (n) Rice is white or brown grains from a plant that grows in wet areas.
vegetables (pl.n)  Vegetables are plants such as carrots, cabbages, and peas.

1- Match the words with the pictures

vocabulary A1: Food

1-  Fish           
2- Banana     
3-  Cake         
4- Egg           
5- Cheese       
6- Meat         

2- Rearrange the letters to find words. Use the definitions to help you.

1 uhlnc                                       (We eat this in the middle of the day.)
2 foecef                                      (This is a hot brown drink many people like.)
3 lepaps                                      (These are red and green and grow on trees.)
4 rettbu                                      (It's yellow and we can put it on bread.)
5 getabevels                        (These are usually green, sometimes red or other colours.)
6 taoloecch                           (This is sweet and brown and many people like it very much.)

3- Match the sentence halves.

1 Many English people ________


2 My sister doesn't eat  ________


3 Would you like a ____________


4 I had some soup ________


5 What are you having __________


6 It's good to drink _______

4- Put each sentence into the correct order.

1 have rice / we usually / for dinner / and vegetables / .
2 I took some / for my lunch / bread and cheese / .
3 good fruit / you can buy / the market / and vegetables at / .
4 dinner / eat chocolate / after / I often / .
5 my salad / I had a / chips with / plate of /.
6 I always / with my / have coffee / breakfast / .

5- Choose the correct word or words

1 I would like ________ with my bread.


2 I usually have _______ for dinner.


3 My friend made me  ______ for my birthday.


4 I will take _______  to eat later.


5 We are having ________  for lunch


6 I like to eat __________ every day.

6- Complete the sentences by writing one word in each gap.

eats | drinks | lunch | fruit | cake | milk | fish

1 Apples and bananas are          
2 Lee often           rice with his dinner.
3 Ella had eggs for             
4 Do you like            in your coffee?
5 My mum made me a birthday        
6 Paul usually        water with his meals.

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