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buy a ticket                                                                  I bought a ticket at the station.
go by bicycle, bus, car, coach, plane, taxi, train    I went to Paris b y train.
We decided to travel b y plane.
get/take/catch a bus, coach, train, plane             He got a coach to London.
                                                                                           I took a bus to the town centre.
                                                                                          We caught a plane to Rio.
get/take a taxi                                                              We got a taxi to the station.
                                                                                        It's best to take a taxi to the hotel.
get on/get off a bus, coach, train                         I got on the bus at the end of the road.
                                                                                       Make sure you get off the train in Cambridge.
go on a trip                                                                We went on a school trip to Paris.
ride a bicycle                                                              I often ride my bicycle to work.

Good to know
Although it is possible to say drive a car, it is much more common to
use drive on its own:
Maria drove all the way to Manchester.
Shall I drive?
You can also use the name of a person after drive.
I have to drive Max to the station.

Words for talking about transport

bicycle (n) A bicycle is a vehicle with two wheels. You ride it by sitting on it and using your legs to make the wheels turn.
bus (n) A bus is a large motor vehicle that carries passengers and stops often for people to get on and off.
car (n) A car is a motor vehicle with space for about five people.
car park (n) A car park is an area of ground or a building where people can leave their cars for a period of time.
coach (n)  A coach is a large motor vehicle that carries passengers, usually for long journeys.
drive (v) When you drive, you control the movement and direction of a car or other vehicle.
far (adv) If one place, thing, or person is far away from another, there is a great distance between them.
go (v) When you go somewhere, you move or travel there.
near (prep) If something is near a place, a thing, or a person, it is a short distance from them.
plane (n) A plane is a vehicle with wings and engines that can fly.
ride (v) When you ride a bicycle or a horse, you sit on it, control it, and travel on it.
road (n) A road is a long piece of hard ground that vehicles travel on.
station (n) A station is a place where trains stop so that people can get on or off.
take (v) If you take a vehicle, you use it to go from one place to another.
taxi (n) A taxi is a car with its driver, who you pay to take you where you want to go.
ticket (n) A ticket is a small piece of paper that shows that you have paid to go
somewhere or to do something.
train (n) A train is a long vehicle that is pulled by an engine.
transport (n) Transport refers to any type of vehicle that you can travel in.
trip (n) A trip is a journey that you make to a particular place.

1- Match the sentence halves.

1 He rides _______


2 The supermarket is not ________


3 Oh no! The car park ________


4 1 don't want to go there ________


5 The ticket is cheaper _______


6 Go down this road and you will see _______

2- For each question, tick the correct answer.

You can fly in this.


This takes passengers and goes on the road.


3 This goes on the road and you pay the  driver.


You ride this.


5 You don't need a ticket for this.


6 You get on the train here.

3- Put the correct word in each gap.

near | far | coach| car | taxi | trip

Hi Simon!
It's great that you are coming to my new house next weekend. I know it is a long
1       for you but we will have a great weekend. If you come by 2          get off at the bus stop in the town centre. It's about two miles to my house so get a 3        because it's too 4     to walk with your bag. I'm sorry I can't pick you up because I haven't got a 5     I go everywhere here by bicycle. I can do that because the shops and my college are all 6     my house.
See you Saturday.

5- Rearrange the letters to find words. Use the definitions to help you.

1 arnit                            (Get this at a station.)
2 nlaep                            (Pilots fly this.)
3 ocahc                           (This is like a bus.)
4 cetitk                           (You need this on a bus.)
5 odra                            (Drive your car on this.)
6 yblccei                         (This usually has two wheels.)

6- Have the bold words got the correct or incorrect spelling in the sentences?

1 How much was your bus ticket  ?


2 My brother lives naer  me.


3 Excuse me, where is the bus stasion ?


4 I'd like to go by coatch  because it's cheaper.


5 How was your trip ?


6 Does this trane  go to Edinburgh?

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