Connecting Words​

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Words that connect sentences


Conjunctions are words that join two parts of a sentence together:

I stood up and walked to the door.
It’s cold in here because the window is open.
I like fish but I don’t like meat.
I saw Paul when I was in town.
It was raining so I took my umbrella.

Starting sentences

Some adverbs are often used to start sentences, especially when you are speaking:

Now, tell me a bit about your family.
So, did you enjoy the show?
Well, I m not sure, really.

Good to know

Be careful to put the word also in the correct place. Usually it comes before the verb:
Tom also bought an ice cream.
However, it comes after the verb be:
My sister was also happy about it.

Connecting words

also (adv) You can use also to give more information about something.
and (conjunction) You use and to connect two or more words or phrases.
because (conjunction) You use because when you are giving the reason for something.
but (conjunction) You use but to introduce something that is different from what you have just said.
now (adv) You use now to start talking about something new.
OK (adj) You use OK to say that you agree with something.
or (conjunction) You use or to show choices or possibilities.
really 1 (adv) You can say 'really?' to express surprise at what someone has said.
2(adv) You use really to make what you are saying stronger.
so 1 (conjunction) You use so to introduce the result of a situation.
2 (adv) You can use so in conversations to introduce a new subject.
then (adv) You use then to say that one thing happens after another.
well (adv) You use well before you begin to speak, or when you are surprised about something.
when 1 (conjunction) You use when to introduce the part of the sentence where you mention the time at which something happens.
2 (pronoun) You use when to ask questions about the time at which things happen.

1- Match the sentence halves.

1 I'd like to have a pizza ________


2 The sports centre was closed_______


3 Don't drink more than two ________


4 Come and sit down, ___________


5 The film ended ________


6 Thelma had a party ________

2-Put the correct word in each gap.

also | or | when | because | but | so

Hi Walid!
You should visit Buckingham Palace 1    you go to London. I think you should go to the National Gallery,3      you like paintings. Lots of tourists visit the Tower of London,4      you should go there,5    it's best to go early, before there are lots of people. Later, you may have to wait an hour more to get in.
Have a great time in London!

3- Are the highlighted words correct or incorrect in this text?

Tick the correct words

Good afternoon, ladies or □ gentlemen. My name's Jeanette, and □ I'm your guide this afternoon. Now □, we're going to visit the city wall, because □ before we do, I'd like to tell you something about the history of the city. So □ when did the first people live here? Well □, you'll be surprised how long ago that was.

4- Choose the correct word.

1 I like going to the cinema in my free time. I _____ like playing tennis.


2 _______ let's talk about your new job.


3 A    I'm very famous indeed - everyone knows me.
   B    _______?


4 _______ , it's very nice to see you again.


5 ______  why did you come to Australia?


6    A I'm sorry I'm late.
     B That's  ______.

5- Which sentences are correct?

6- Put each sentence into the correct order.

1 pleased / here /, / I'm very / well / you're /.
2 ice cream/ ,/wants / now / an / who / ?
3 home / we / when / go / shall / ?
4 in the / you / can swim / OK /, / river /.
5 that / know / I didn't / really/!/?
6 you / so / do / from / where / come / ?

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