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Discuss the questions below.

1 How much time do you spend on the underground a week?
2 Do you enjoy riding on the underground? Why or why not?

Complete the paragraph below about things you do at the underground station with the words from the list.

map - platform - stops - ticket barrier - ticket machine

When you arrive at the station, check how many   to

your destination on the   . Buy your ticket from the   , and then go through the   . Finally,
wait on the   for your train to arrive.


Look at the map below and answer the following questions.
a What line is Goodge Street on?
b How many stops can you see on the Central Line?
c What colour is the Piccadilly Line?

Listen to the three conversations at Oxford Circus Station and write the names of the stations on the map the people want to go to.


Choose the correct options below to complete the directions from Oxford Circus Station.

1 Goodge Street? Take an eastbound train on the 1 _____and change at  2 _____. Then take the Northern Line.

2 Notting Hill Gate is the 1 _____stop on the  2 ______ . That’s the westbound platform.

3 Take the southbound train on the 1 _____  and change at Green Park, and then take the westbound train on the  2 _____ . Hyde Park Corner is the 3 ____ stop.

Language Focus

1. We use the base form of the verb to give directions.

Take the Central Line to Baker Street.
Change at Green Park Station.

2. To say where stations are we can say:

It’s on (the Central Line).
It’s the (second) stop on (the Piccadilly Line).

3. We can use bound for to say which direction the train is going.

Take the Piccadilly Line bound for Heathrow Terminal 5.

We can also use bound as a suffix.

Take the northbound train to Goodge Street.

4. We can ask for directions with the following phrases:

What’s the best way to get to Goodge Street?
How do I get to Hyde Park Corner from here?
Does this train go to Notting Hill Gate?

Listen. Then look at the starting point (the star * ) on the map and then complete each conversation below with words from the box. Some words can be used more than once.

best - change - eastbound - get - how - second - southbound - stops - take

Conversation 1

A - Excuse me. What’s the   way to   to Rosedale
B -   an   train on the Green Line and  
at Broadview Station. It’s two   on the Yellow Line.

Conversation 2

A - Excuse me.   do I get to Yonge Street?
B -   a   train on the Blue Line and  
at St. Clair Station, then take the Red Line. It’s the  

Sounding Natural

Listen and pay attention to the underlined letters. The repeat the pronunciation.

Listen and pay attention to the underlined letters. The repeat the pronunciation.

Time to speak

Think of a place you often go to by train from your home station.Choose a starting point and give its directions (do the same for at least 3 places )

Example I take the Orange Line from Vendome Station and change at Lionel-Groulx, then I go three stops on the Green Line to Peel Station. That's where I work.

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