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Vocabulary A2: entertainment

I am a music teacher, but I'm also

in a band, I play the guitar and
my friend sings. Jazz is the kind of
music we like best.

Good to know
You say that someone plays in a group or a band, and that people listen
to music.

Free time

Vocabulary A2 : Entertainment

1- go to the cinema every week. I love watching old movies!
2- My husband and I love dancing! We usually go to a dance on Saturday evenings.
3- I am learning to paint. My pictures aren't very good yet!

Newspapers, radio and television

It is important to use the right prepositions:
I listened to a show on the radio.
I like listening to the radio.
I read it in the newspaper.
I saw it on the television.

Words for talking about entertainment and the media

Words for talking about entertainment and the media

band (n) A band is a group of people who play music together.
book (n) A book is a number of pieces of paper, usually with words printed on them, that are fastened together and fixed inside a cover.
camera (n) A camera is a piece of equipment for taking photographs or making movies.
cinema (n) A cinema is a building where people go to watch movies.
dance 1 (v) When you dance, you move your body to music.
           2 (n) A dance is a particular series of movements that you usually do to music.
dancing (n) Dancing is when people dance.
draw (n) When you draw, you use a pencil or pen to make a picture.
entertainment (n)  Entertainment consists of performances or activities that give people pleasure.
film (n) A film is a movie.
group (n) A group is a number of people who play music together.
guitar (n) A guitar is a musical instrument with strings.
media (n) You can refer to television, radio, and newspapers as the media.
movie (n) A movie is a story that is shown in a series of moving pictures.
music (n) Music is the pleasant sound that you make when you sing or play instruments.
newspaper (n) A newspaper is a number of large sheets of folded paper, with news, advertisements, and other information printed on them.
page (n) A page is one side of a piece of paper in a book, a magazine, or a newspaper.
paint (v) If you paint something or paint a picture of it, you produce a picture of it using paint.
photo (n) A photo is a picture made with a camera.
picture (n) A picture is a drawing, painting or photograph.
radio (n) A radio is a piece of equipment that you use in order to listen to radio
sing (n) When you sing, you make music with your voice.
television/TV(n) A television or a TV is a piece of electrical equipment with a screen on which you watch moving pictures with sound.

1- Put the correct word in each gap.

films - radio - cinemas - music - group - sang - guitar

The Beatles - John, Paul, George and Ringo - were a famous pop 1    of the 1960s. Ringo played the drums, the other three played the 2  and they all 3  Their records were on the4    all the time. They also made several5  These were shown in 6    all over the world and were very popular.

2- Match the words with the pictures

Vocabulary A2 : Entertainment 1 camera                     

2 newspaper               

3 photo                       

4 television               

5 guitar                     

6 book                       

3- Which sentences are correct?

4- Are the highlighted words correct or incorrect in the sentences?

Tick the correct words

1 I like listening to music ‚Ė° played on the guitar.
2 I enjoy watching cinemas ‚Ė° that make me laugh.
3 I like drawing ‚Ė°, but I'm better at painting.
4 I learned to play the band ‚Ė° when I was a child.
5 My parents gave me an expensive camera ‚Ė°, so now I can take good photos.
6 I enjoy listening to Frances, as she sings ‚Ė° very well.

5- Choose the correct word.

1 The teacher asked the children to draw  a  ______ of their family.


2 I often listen to classical music on the_______.


3 How many ______ of sport are there in your newspaper?


4 A _______  played the music at Toby and Jill's wedding.


5 This book has hundreds of ___________  of animals.

6- Match the sentence halves.

1 Would you like to go to the cinema ________


2 The school started a band __________


3 Eleanor likes drawing ____________


4 Jane and Darrell like music ____________


5 My friend George can sing _________


6 Do you listen to the news on the radio _____________

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