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A: Hi George, how’s university?
B: It’s great, thanks. I’m very lucky. I’m really happy there. Everyone’s friendly, and the course is good so far. How’s your job?
A : I hate  it. It’s really boring and the pay is  bad too.
B : I’m sorry to hear that. Can you get a different job? It's important to do something you enjoy.
A : I know. My favourite subject at school was cooking, so I'm thinking of looking for a job in a restaurant


To: Lily Jones

From: Emma Moore
Subject: France
Hi Lily
Your sister told me you are going to live in Paris for a year, so 1 wanted
to tell you that you must visit my friends, Pierre and Anne. They're so
friendly, and I know they would love to meet you.
Pierre is a great cook - if you make friends with him, you won't be
hungry! And Anne is really nice. She works in a school and she always
has lots of funny stories about the children there.
Also, be sure to visit the Rodin Museum - it's my favourite museum in
the world!
I hope you'll be really happy in Paris, and I'd love to visit you some time!

Words for talking about feelings

bad 1 (adj) Something that is bad is unpleasant or harmful.
         2 (adj) Something that is bad is of a very low standard, quality, or amount.
boring (adj) Someone or something that is boring is not at all interesting.
favourite (adj) Favourite is used for describing the thing or person that you like more than all the others.
feelings (noun) Your feelings about something are the things you think and feel about it.
fine (adj) If you are fine, you are well or happy.
friendly (adj) If someone is friendly, they behave in a pleasant, kind way.
funny (adj) Someone or something that is funny is amusing and likely to make you smile or laugh.
good (adj) Good means pleasant or enjoyable,
great (adj) If something is great, it is very good or enjoyable,
happy (adj) Someone who is happy feels pleased and satisfied,
hungry (adj) When you are hungry, you want to eat.
important (adj) If something is important to you, you feel that you must do, have, or think about it.
lucky (adj) You say that someone is lucky when they have good luck,
nice (adj) If something is nice, it is attractive, pleasant, or enjoyable,
sad (adj) If you are sad, you feel unhappy.
sorry (adj) If you are sorry about a situation, you feel regret, sadness, or disappointment about it.
tired (adj) If you are tired, you feel that you want to rest or sleep.

1- Choose the correct word.

1 I'm ______ . Let's have a pizza.

2 I'm _________ I'm late. My train stopped for nearly an hour.

3 Caroline didn't enjoy the film. She thought it was very _______ .

4 You're________  to have a job you enjoy.

5 People laughed a lot at the comedy programme. It was very ________ .

2- Choose the correct word.

Dear Mum and Dad,
Staffordshire is a 1           great / hungry / sad place for our holiday. The people are 2     sorry / important / friendly, the hills are very 3    nice / tired / happy and we're 4    boring / lucky / good - it's sunny every day. Our 5     favourite / funny / bad place is Consall Hall Gardens. They're beautiful!
See you when we get home.
Lucy and Ewan

3- Are the highlighted words correct or incorrect in the sentences?

Tick the correct word

1 It's great □ that you can come and stay with me next weekend.
2 Joanna played tennis all afternoon and then she felt very tired □.
3 I enjoyed the book very much. It was very boring □.
4 My family is a very important □ part of my life.
4 Linda is fine □ and sends you her love.
6 When I had a problem, my friends were very favourite □ and helped me a lot.

4- Complete the sentences by writing one word in each gap.

tired | hungry | happy | sad | important | funny

1 It was a very      story and I cried when I read it.
2 Trevor slept for 12 hours because he was very      
3 If you want to go to university, it's         to work hard.
4 I'm       to help you, if I can.
5 Sheila had a big lunch, so she doesn't feel 
6 I saw a very     play at the theatre yesterday. Everyone laughed a lot.

5- Which sentences are correct?

6- Complete the sentences by writing one word in each gap.

favourite | boring | friendly | bad | great| lucky

1 This is a very         town. There's nothing to do here.
2 I like jazz, but my         type of music is hip-hop.
3 I'm afraid I've got some         news for you.
4 I enjoy my work. The people I meet are always very      
5 Dominic had a       time in Turkey, so he wants to go back there.
6 Ann went out without an umbrella; she was       that it didn't rain.

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