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Vocabulary A2 : Shopping
1- I put my shopping in my bag                                       2- I bought a box of chocolates

Vocabulary A2 : Shopping

I went shopping with my friend Mary. First, we went to a clothes shop. I wanted to buy a jacket, but I looked at the price and it was too expensive. Mary said I should pay for it with my credit card, but I don't like spending money that I don't have.

Good to know

Make sure you use the correct prepositions. When you use pay with the
thing that you buy after it, you must always use for:
I paid for all the food.
You can use by or with a before credit card:
Can I pay by credit card?
She paid with a credit card.
You can use by or with before cash, or you can use cash on its own:
We have to pay by cash.
I p a id for the drinks with cash.
He paid cash for the car.

Words for talking about shopping

bag (n) A bag is a container made of paper, plastic, or leather, used for carrying things.
box (v) A box is a container with a hard bottom, hard sides, and usually a lid.
buy (v) If you buy something, you get it by paying money for it.
cash (n) Cash is money in the form of notes and coins.
cheap (adj) Things that are cheap cost little money.
closed (adj) When a shop is closed, it is not open and you cannot buy things there.
cost (n) If something costs an amount of money, you have to pay that amount in order to buy it.
credit card (n) A credit card is a card that you use to buy something and pay for it later.
dollar (n) The dollar is the unit of money used in the US, Canada, Australia and some other countries.
expensive (adj) Things that are expensive cost a lot of money.
get (v) If you get something, you buy it.
go shopping (phrase) If you go to the shops to buy things, you go shopping.
open (n) When a shop is open, you can go in it and buy things.
pay (n) When you pay for something, you give someone an amount of money for it.
price (n) The price of something is the amount of money that you have to pay in order to buy it.

sell (n) If you sell something that you own, you let someone have it in return for money.
shop (n) A shop is a building where people sell things.
 shopping  (n) Your shopping is the things you buy from shops.
 shut (adj) When a shop is shut, it is not open and you cannot buy things there.
 spend (v) When you spend money, you pay money for things that you want or need.
supermarket (n) A supermarket is a large shop that sells all kinds of food and other products for the home.

1- Put the correct word in each gap.

shut | dollars | bought | spent | went | expensive

Molly and I had a nice morning. We 1       shopping and 2       a lot
of money. I 3         some shoes and a new coat. The coat was 4       
(a hundred and fifty 5         !) but it's really nice. Molly wanted to go to Green Stores but it was6        I thought it was open on Sundays but I was wrong.

2- Match the sentence halves.

1 While you're at the supermarket ________

2 I bought two pairs of shoes _______

3 Could you carry ________

4 A hotel room costs about _______

5 Can 1 pay by ______

6 I don't know the price  ______

3- Complete the sentences by writing one word in each gap.

box | sell | closed | get ] paid | shop

1 I've just bought a radio. I haven't taken it out of its        yet.
2 I went to the       to get some bread and milk.
3 I got to the bank too late and it was      
4 Excuse me, do you       toothbrushes in this supermarket, please?
5 My dad       for the meal. That was nice.
6 If you're going shopping, could you       some pasta, please?

4- Write the simple past form of the verb in (brackets) to complete each sentence.

1 Hannah and I             (go) shopping yesterday.
2 We                                (buy) a new TV.
3 I                                    (pay) for the food with cash.
4 I                                     (get) a new mobile phone at the weekend.
5 Guy                              (spend) 300 dollars on a new jacket.
6 My bike was too small for me so I                 (sell) it to a friend.

5- For each question, tick the correct answer.

1 If a shop is not shut, it is _____

2 Another word for 'buy' is ______

3 If something costs only a little money, it is _______

4 Metal and paper money is   ________

5 When you go shopping, you  _______

6- Decide if the pairs of sentences have the same meaning.

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