An Accident

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Answer the questions below.

1 Can you drive a car?
2 If you can drive, do you like driving? Why or why not?
3 If you can’t drive, would you like to? Why or why not?

Look at the pictures. Select one sentence that does not describe it.

Choose the correct option to complete each sentence below.

1 I saw an accident yesterday. A bicycle ______ a car, but no one was hurt.

2 I tell my children to wait and cross the road when it is _______ .

3 My car is really slow. All the other cars _______ it.

4 I ______ the station every day on my way to work.


Jane was in a traffic accident. Look at the pictures showing what happened.
Match each box below with a picture to put the description of Jane’s accident into the correct order.


As I was approaching the bend, I saw a bus. It was coming from the opposite direction.


I was going around the bend when I saw an orange sports car. It was overtaking the bus and coming towards me!


I was driving north along the London Road. The road was clear, and there was a bend in the road in front of me.


I went off the road and crashed into a wall. Luckily, I was wearing a seatbelt and I wasn’t hurt.

Listen and check your answers.

Who drove badly, Jane or the person in the orange car?

Language Focus

Write the words in the box from Jane’s story in the correct positions on the timeline.

I was going around the bend                  I saw an orange sports car


When we tell stories, we often use as and when to join the past continuous and the past simple together in the same sentence.
We do this to show that one event happened while another event was in progress.

Study the example sentences with as and when above. Then, select the correct word to complete the rules.

1 _____ usually comes between the two parts of the sentence.
2 ____ usually comes at the beginning of the past continuous part of the sentence.
3 In sentences with ‘as’, we _____  a comma if the past continuous part comes first.

Complete the sentences with the verbs in parentheses. Put one verb into the past simple and the other verb into the past continuous.

1 As I was listening to the radio, I heard the news. (hear, listen)
2 She   down as she   up the stairs. (fall, walk)
3 He   his finger as he   . (cook, cut)
4 As they   the traffic lights, they   the accident. (approach, see)

Sounding Natural

Listen to the sentences. How do we say was and were when we speak naturally?

Time to speak

Use the table below to make notes about an accident. It can be:
• an accident that happened to you
• an accident that you saw
• an accident that you heard about

Tell your story.
Example About two years ago, as I was standing on the street,
I saw a woman fall off her bicycle. She was…

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