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 Discuss the following questions
lesson 10 : Art

  1. What comes to your mind when you hear the word "art"?
  2. Do you enjoy looking at paintings or drawings? Why or why not?
  3. Have you ever tried to create your own artwork? If so, what did you make?
  4. What types of art do you find most interesting? For example, paintings, sculptures, or photography.
  5. Do you have a favorite artist or artwork? Can you describe it?
  6. How does art make you feel? Does it inspire you or evoke certain emotions?
  7. In your opinion, what is the purpose of art? Why do people create and appreciate art?

1. Write the vowels to complete the words under the pictures.

L10 : Art
2-     3-   4-   5-

B.Write the words from activity 1a next to the correct verbs below.

1 draw   :     
2 make  :                 
3 paint  :     


Write the words from the box under the correct picture.

Lesson 10 : Art
b-       c-     d-    e-   f- 

Match the words from the box with their opposites in the list below.

cheerful -  dull - interesting - ugly

                                   Column A               Column B




Read the sentences below and select the correct adjective.

a He’s nice, but his clothes are colourful / dull.
He never wears any bright colours.

b I don’t like looking at camels because  they’re beautiful / ugly animals.

c Wow, that film was interesting / boring! We fell asleep 20 minutes after it started.

d The little boy was cheerful / sad when his goldfish died.

e I think John’s new girlfriend is a model. She’s beautiful / ugly.

f The Rio Carnival is great. You can see thousands of colourful / dull costumes and floats.

g The book was really interesting / boring. I couldn’t stop reading it.

h Mona is really fun to be with because she’s always cheerful / sad.

Time to speak

Work with a partner. Use adjectives from activity 4a to describe each piece of art in activity 3.
You can use the adjectives more than once.
We think the abstract art is colourful and interesting.

Read the questions below about art. Make a note of your answers.

1. What kind of art do you like?
2.  How often do you visit galleries or museums ?

3. Do you have any art at home ?

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