Present Perfect Continuous

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Present Perfect Continuous : Form 

I / You / We / They    have ('ve)
She/ He / It                  has ('s)                                      been reading


I / You / We / They            have not (haven't / 've not)    been      working.

She / He / It                        has not (hasn't / 's not)


                Have    I / You / We / They               been waiting ?
                Has       She / He / It                            been waiting ?          
What       Have        you                                             been doing ?
Where     Has          she                                            been saying  ?

short answers

I / you / we / they      have
           she / he / it                  has

I / you / we / they      haven't
         she / he / it                  has

Use present perfect continuous

‚ÄĘ to talk about recent continuing activities.
What have you been doing lately?
I've been revising for my exams.
‚ÄĘ to explain how recent continuing activities have caused the present situation.
My eyes ache. I've been reading all day.
‚ÄĘ to talk about recent continuing activities which will probably continue in the future.
This diagram shows how the climate has been changing.
‚ÄĘ with how long questions.
How long have you been studying French?
(this is a continuing process,and isn't finished)
‚ÄĘ with time words lately, recently, all (day), every (morning), for, since
I've been studying all morning

1- Complete the sentence using the verb in brackets in the present perfect continuous form

a   I'm sony to keep you waiting. I hope you (not wait) haven't been waiting long
b   There you are! We (look for)    you all moming!
c   I feel really tired. I (study)    hard lately.
d   Anna has got a really good suntan. She (go)    to the beach a lot
e    Tom needs cheering up. He (have)  a lot of problems lately.
f    I haven't seen you for ages. What (you / do)      ?
g    I (work)       here for the past three years, and I really like it.
h    Sam and Chris (paint)     their room, and their clothes are covered in paint!

2- Use the prompts and how fang to make a question.

a        astronomers / look for Pluto's moons?
           How long have astronomers been looking for Pluto's moons ?

b         archaeologists / hope to find Atlantis?                                                    
c        scientists / use satellites to discover new reefs?                                          

d        physicists / investigate the origin of the universe?                            

e       scientists / observe Vesuvius?                             

f       biologists / try to find new species of mammal?                             

g      archaeologists / excavate the palace in Guatemala?                           

h      doctors / search for a cme for HIV?   

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