Adverbs & Adverbial Phrases​

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1-Complete the text with the following words . Clearly-apparently-effectively-widely-quite-unfortunately-simply-extremely

Whether you are a student, a professional athlete, an engineer or 1 simply a tourist, English has become an 2        important skill to acquire. English will 3           soon be the language of choice in all fields of study, if it isn’t already. For students embarking on their studies, therefore, an early decision 4           has to be made. What language do I wish to study my degree in? Degrees in medicine delivered in English at a university in Poland are 5           very popular but you will need a reasonable level of English to start. If you need to study English before university, it’s 6           agreed that you learn the most 7           in an English-speaking environment but, 8        , not all students can afford the time and cost of a course abroad.

2-Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.

1 that hard / people think / actually not / Russian is / to learn / difficult but it’s .

People think Russian is difficult but it’s actually not that hard to learn.

2- you listen / rapidly if / will improve / and watch films / to music / your English


3- you listen / rapidly if / will improve / and watch films / to music / your English


4- presumably / you lived / so / speak / you / fluently / French / in Paris .


5-hardest / for / adult learners, / listening is / the / usually / skill .


6_  never / vocabulary / new / I / down / write / almost .


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