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1-Complete the conversation with appropriate words

Steve : What’s the problem, Alberta?

Alberta : Nothing major. Well, actually … Don’t you dare tell anyone, but I’m thinking of leaving.

Steve: You? Quitting? Why?

Alberta: My job is quite dull and the manager doesn’t seem to realise I’m bored.

Steve: Have you told him?

 Alberta: Indirectly. I’ve dropped lots of hints.

Steve: Yes, but there’s a lot to be 1  said   for being upfront. You need to tell him directly.

Alberta: He won’t listen.

Steve: It might even be in your 2            to go above him and talk to his manager? It’s 3               time you sorted this problem out.

Alberta: I don’t think I could do that, Steve. That’s not really my style. I just need a new challenge and I don’t think I’m going to get it here and that’s that.

Steve: Don’t 4          so defensive about it. Why don’t you speak to HR?

Alberta: There’s no point.

Steve: I disagree. You might 5      to try this. Have you thought about the 6        of asking for a secondment or even a sabbatical?

 Alberta: A sabbatical? That’s not a bad idea. OK, I’ll give it some thought.

2- Complete the email using the following phrases : is due to - are leaving- hoping to- arrive on- about to -won’t see- plan to take her- will be- will be going- might be

Dear Mario

Just a quick email to tell you about our trip to the US. We 1 are leaving this Friday, initially for Dallas, because Sarah is graduating.

We 2           Saturday at eleven and the ceremony is that afternoon at three!

She’s 3       stay on for her Master’s so it 4       good to see her for a few days. She 5        get a reply from her university next week so she will know soon enough. If she gets an offer, we 6        away for a short break because we 7         her again for at least six months. After that, we ­ fly to California, so it would be great to meet up. I’m not sure if you 8        to the NCON conference in San Diego. We’ll be there on the 22nd and 23rd. I’m doing a presentation on the 23rd. There’s a possibility we 9         seeing Antonia on the evening of the 22nd. Anyway, if you are going to be there, let’s meet up. We’re not going to visit Texas this time. That’s all for now, I’ve got a Skype call which is 10       start.
Regards Tom.

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