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1- Write the correct words to complete the text.

Mary’s Meals is a charity providing food to over one million schoolchildren in developing countries, but 1 not only / no sooner does the nutritious meal fi ll their bellies, it is also a motivation to attend school in the first place. 2 It is rare / Seldom            has a single charity done so much to help so many people. The teachers themselves are amazed at the difference in their pupils. 3Never / Often           have I felt and seen such a change in my pupils. They used to be so tired and hungry, they found it impossible to learn, yet not once 4 I heard them / did I hear them             complain. Not until they started having a hot meal every lunchtime, 5 did they start / they began              to be lively and keen to contribute and participate in class,’ says one primary school teacher. The projects continue to grow. 6 ‘As soon as / No sooner              has one project been set up, than we are asked to do something in a neighbouring village or town,’ comments one of the volunteers. The food is sourced locally and cooked by volunteers, often relatives of the children. ‘Not in a thousand years 7 I would think / did I ever think               a meal a day could bring such a change to the lives of these kids, but not until every child has a meal every day 8 can we really stop / we will never stop                 our work,’ another volunteer adds.

2-Put the words in the correct order to make comments by volunteers.

1- at no time / partying in Florida / did I miss .

 At no time did I miss partying in Florida.

2- a difference / feel / making / did I / I was / not once .


3- kids to read / arrived in New Orleans / had / were helping / we / no sooner / than we .


4- also made / help lots of / people, / we / we / did / great friends / not only .


5- will / ever forget / I / no way / things I saw there / the .


6- really help / chance to / we / people / do / rarely / get a .


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