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Answer the following questions 

On the phone

Do you have a mobile phone? When did you get it?
2 Can you remember your first mobile telephone?
3 Do you have your phone with you now? Do you always carry it?
4 Are you happy with the mobile telephone you have now? Why (not)?
5 What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘mobile telephone’?
6 What are your favourite functions on mobile telephones?

Match the words in the box with the correct icon.

battery life - missed call - mute - new mail - reception - text message - video call - voicemail

On the phone
1-  new mail            2-             3-              4-            5-     

6-               7-          8-   

select the verb that does not go with each noun below.

1 do / get / make a video call
2 _________a voicemail


3 ____________ a battery


4 ____________ a text message


5 ___________ your phone on mute

Use the word list to complete the sentences below

reception - battery life - mute - video call

1 When my phone is on  mute , I can’t hear calls.
2 The     on my phone is really good. I don’t need to charge it every day.
3 I can’t get phone calls or emails where I live – the     is really bad.
4 I never make   . I don’t want to look at people when I’m talking to them
on the phone.

Time to Talk

Answer the following questions : 

On the phone
Do you ever make video calls ? Why ? Why not ?
2- How good is the battery life on your phone?
3- Do you always mute your phone on the  bus ? 
4- Do you like making phone calls ?


Write the words from the box in the correct spaces to list things that you can do on mobile phones.

keep - listen - look - play - search - take - watch 

1     play                               games
2                       to music
3                       up words in a dictionary
4                       your schedule on the calendar
5                      pictures with the camera
6                      TV
7                      the Internet

Which things from the list do you do on a mobile phone?
How often do you do them?
2 Which things do you never do on a mobile phone?Why?

Time to Talk

Read the list of things below that a mobile phone can have and add four more things to the list.

on the phone1- a very good camera
2- good reception
3- a bilingual dictionary
4- video calling
5- _____________
6- _____________
7- _____________
8- _____________

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