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Internet: The dark sideIntroduction

1-How often do you use the internet?
2-Do you think children’s internet use should be regulated? 
3-What negative things can come from allowing children to use the internet unmonitored?


Fill in the blanks as you listen to the dialog again.

Min-Jeong: Ron, one of my girlfriends (1)     on the Internet.
Ronald: Min-Jeong, (2)    . Many people lie about themselves.
Min-Jeong: What do you mean?
Ronald: A (3)      with a man she met online.
Min-Jeong: What happened?
Ronald: (4)      . Worse, he was odd and scary in person.
Min-Jeong: Why did she (5)       ?
Ronald: Online, he was kind and funny. He (6)    .
Min-Jeong: I want (7)      .
Ronald: Yeah. (8)       . Even if it may take a while.

Useful Expressions

a. After you move to Vancouver, please ___________.

b. Learning how to win online games _________________.

c. If you want to ______________, you have to get out of your house.

d. If you walk in traffic using earphones, you _________________.

e. I asked her out for two months before I finally _______ with her.

Model Dialog

Model Dialog
Listen as the teacher reads the model dialog.
(Scenario – A young woman, Miwa, and a man, Kazuo, are meeting for the first time in an Internet cafe.)

Kazuo: Excuse me, may I sit here?
Miwa: Sure. I’m Miwa. Are you waiting for a computer?
Kazuo: I’m Kazuo. Yes. It’s so crowded. It may take a while.
Miwa: Are you meeting someone here?
Kazuo: I made a date with a friend by email, but he’s not coming.
Miwa: What happened?
Kazuo: He plays online games so much he can’t make new friends.
Miwa: Hed better be careful. I heard people can become Internet addicts.
Kazuo: Frankly, I’m quite worried about him.
Miwa: You sound like a good friend to him.
Kazuo: I like him. He also helps a lot with my home computer.
Miwa: If you have a computer at home, why wait here?
Kazuo: Two reasons. First, these are much faster than my home computer.
Miwa: What’s the second reason?
Kazuo: I’m relaxing here, having great coffee and chatting with a pretty lady. For that, I’m willing to wait quite a while.
Miwa: I see. You know, I think maybe we should keep in touch.

Guided Speaking

Complete the answers to the questions.

joined Facebook about six months ago - really like Sim City Online -usually send email and shop for music - play games and do research for class papers - two or three times a day - shop online a few times in a month

What do you usually do on the Internet?
I (1)           .
What else do you do online?
Sometimes, I (2)       .
What is your favorite online game?
I (3)       .
How often do you go online?
About (4)      .
Do you do a lot of Internet shopping?
I (5)           .
Are you a member of any social websites?
I (6)                   .


Read the chart, and see for what purposes people use the Internet.

Internet: The dark side

Look at the graph above, and complete these sentences.

a. The top three Internet activities are         .
b. About         % of Internet users connect to the Internet mainly for pleasure such as games.
c. Participants use the Internet the least for      .

Grammar Focus

Grammar Focus (comparative, superlative, factors)

• The area is approximately three times the size of the old location.
• The best work is the last of the day.
• There are fewer users using the Internet for job search than for

Reading and Discussions

Reading and Discussions

Risky Business 

Imagine this. A 13-year-old girl named Emma posts her profile on a popular social networking website. She includes photos of herself dressed glamorously and wearing lots of makeup. She says her age is 19, and she lists her hobbies as dating older men, modeling, and shopping. She is contacted by lots of men and eventually meets one for a date. He invites her to his hotel room. He tries to lock the door, but luckily she realizes that she is in danger and escapes. When she gets home, she is shocked by what happened. I am shocked that she didn’t know she was playing a dangerous game.
Meeting people on the Internet is very dangerous. People often lie about who they are. You may think that you know someone on the Internet, but you don’t. Anyone can easily create a false identity. Pedophiles can pretend they are children and chat with kids and teens and even arrange to meet them. You have no control over the way people use any personal information you post on the Internet. I don’t think the Internet is a healthy way to make friends. Why not go to a party or join a sports club or gym, and socialize with real people ?

glamorously: with an exciting attraction
false: wrong; incorrect
identity: information that makes a person unique
pedophile: adult with sexual desire for children
socialize: to get along with; make friends with

1. According to the reading passage, why is it dangerous meeting people on the Internet?

false ID, pretend, pedophile, post, personal

Your answer may begin like: People on the Internet can easily create a false ...

2. Do you think the Internet does more harm than good?

good, harm, virtual, communicate, business, research, problem

Your answer may begin like: No. All things considered, I think the Internet does more good than harm. It’s ....

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