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Appearances : Describing appearances

Write down as many words as you can about appearances.

Useful Expressions

Match the related choices.

1. To all appearances,


You look ____


I’m sorry to say ______


I don’t feel good. _____


I’ve got a splinter in my finger. ______

Listening & Speaking

Listening & Speaking

Listen as the teacher reads the model dialog.
(Scenario – Julio goes to the hospital to see a doctor.)

Doc: You look white as a ghost. What seems to be the problem?
Julio: Well Doc, I met a girl last night that was dressed to kill.
Doc: Go on.
Julio: Yeah, well, we spent the night together. I woke up this morning with a terrible pain in my neck, and I’m very dehydrated.
Doc: Let me take a look. Does it hurt when I do this?
Julio: Yes, a little.
Doc: How did this girl come across to you?
Julio: Nothing unusual. To all appearances, she seemed to be a normal girl.
Doc: It seems this girl, I’m sorry to say, has bitten your neck and drained your blood. She’s a vampire!
Julio: Are you serious? Aaaaaaaargh! I’m doomed!

Read the model dialog aloud.

Guided Speaking

Appearances : Describing appearances

Guided Speaking

Complete the dialog, and practice it.
(Scenario – Two girls are in their apartment getting ready for a rock concert.)

Nothing unusual - Are you serious?  -  dress to kill - come across to - white as a ghost 

Jung Me: Ji Young, what do you plan to wear?

Ji Young: I am going to wear my black high heels with tight jeans and a tank-top.
Jung Me : We have to look awesome. I am going to wear my black leather mini-skirt, my pink blouse, and pink sneakers.
Ji Young : I know, I know. I’m so nervous. I can’t decide what to wear.
Jung Me : We are going to meet the band so you should (1)       .
Ji Young : (2)              ? You didn’t tell me we had back-stage passes.
Jung Me : I did just now. How do you want to (3)              them?
Ji Young : I want to look fabulous. (looking in the mirror) Oh my God, oh my God, I look (4)          .
Jung Me : (5)                          . You always look that way.
Ji Young : Make-up, make-up, I need make-up. Aaaaaaaargh! I’m out of rouge.



Look at the pictures below and write the correct word.

bob -  ponytail - pigtails - curly  - bun - braids - bangs

Appearances: Describing Appearances

A :               B :               C:          D:      
E:                 F :               G :

2- Now look at the people below. How would you describe their appearance?

Appearances: Describing appearances

A man has a short cut.
He is wearing polo shirt.
A woman has braids.

Grammar Focus (sequence of adjectives)

Grammar Focus (sequence of adjectives)
opinions or impressions>facts (a wonderful Italian pizza)
size>age>shape>color>origin>material>purpose (a large old green wooden kitchen table)
• I like the model with short blonde hair.
• This lovely young girl with braids is my niece.
• I like long straight black hair.

What do you look for when you date someone?
Using the chart below, give your rating for appearances and personal qualities on a scale of 7 (not important=1, very

Appearances : Describing appearances

Reading and Discussions

Read the following passage, and answer the questions.

AppearancesDescribing Appearances 

There are a lot of words we use in the English language to compliment someone or describe someone’s appearance. There is a saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This means that everyone has a different opinion of what is beautiful. To say a woman is very attractive, one can say that she’s gorgeous, beautiful, or stunning. A man is usually described as handsome. Men and women can both be described as good looking or charming. It is also okay to say that a man or woman is cute or adorable. However, these terms are used to describe animals and children.
They are not always used as a compliment for an adult. If you know a person and their family, then you can describe them by comparing them to their relatives. You could say, “You’re just like your mother,” “She acts just like her sister,” or “He takes after his father.” These expressions all show that the person is very similar to their relatives in
appearance or character.
To describe a person’s character, you could say someone is an extrovert or introvert. An extrovert is very outgoing, talkative, and assertive. An introvert is more quiet or shy.

1 compliment: to praise; to say good things about
3 beholder: a person who looks at something
5 gorgeous: very beautiful
8 adorable: cute; charming
15 extrovert: one who has more interest in others than in oneself
16 introvert: one who has more interest in oneself than in others

1. According to the reading passage, what are two ways to describe a person’s appearance?

describe, directly, adjective, compare, relative

Your answer may begin like: First, we can describe a person’s appearance directly by ....

2. Describe the appearance of a person near you.

young, age, smile, face, aunt, gray, weight, exercise

Your answer may begin like: My English teacher, Ms. Smith, is in her mid-50s but she looks ....

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