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Look at the different ways to brew coff ee or tea below.
Write the words under the pictures .

espresso machine - powder - coffeemaker - teabag - French press - teapot

1-     2-     3-     4-    5-    6-   

Match the coffee and tea expressions with the meanings.

1 white with sugar

2 black

3 weak

4 decaf

5 strong

How do you take your coffee or tea?

Example I don't drink coffee, but I take my tea strong and black.

Time to Talk 1

Work on your own. Read the questions below and make a note of your answers. Write two more questions about coffee or tea and add them to the list

1. How do you usually make tea?
2. How often do you drink coffee?
3. What things are important for a good cup of coffee or tea?
4. Do you usually take milk in your coffee?
5. ____________________ ?
6. ____________________ ?

Ask and answer the questions.
Example A: How do you usually make tea?
                    B: I make it in a teapot. I usually let it brew for about three minutes.

Write the adjectives from the box in the correct column below. Some adjectives can go in more than one column.
convenient - delicious - expensive - lively - modern - polite - quiet - reasonable - relaxing - skilful - traditional - young





food and drink






Complete the sentences with the following words.
atmosphere - decor  - location - staff - food and drink
a This restaurant has a really nice atmosphere . It makes me feel comfortable and relaxed.
b My favourite pub has a great selection of   , and the prices are reasonable.
c I love the   in this lobby. All the furniture and lights are very modern and cool.
d That restaurant is in a great    . It’s right next to the beach. It should be successful.
e The     in that café are really friendly and polite, and their baristas make the best lattes.

Time to Talk 2

You’re going to open a café. Read the list of things below that are needed for a successful café.Add three more of your own ideas.

1- atmosphere
2- staff
3- decor
4- location
5- selection of coffee/tea
6- _______________
7- _______________
8- _______________

Which things on your lists do you think are the most important for a successful café? Rank the things  from 1-8

1 = the most important thing needed for a successful café.

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