Future in the past​

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1-Match 1–8 with a–h to make sentences. Write only letters (a,b,c etc.)

1 Emma was leaving for the station                           f

2 Apparently Emma was going to tell me         

3 I thought I would be waiting a while         

4 We were set to head for the airport           

5 Steve was to take over as manager             

6 Emily was supposed to study Spanish           

7 I planned to stay in Madrid for a year             

8 I was about to accept a new job                           


 a but ended up with a degree in biology.

b but never had the right opportunity.

c but actually stayed for three.

d when my manager asked me into his offi ce.

e until we heard about the pilots’ strike.

f when her mobile rang.

g but they suddenly changed their minds.

 h so I bought myself a coffee.

2- Type the correct words to complete the sentences.

1 In late 2000, Alice Rockman was working / worked in Paris.

2 Having graduated six years before, he was to earn / earning       a good salary.

3 It was clear that he was having / had     a bright future.

4 A close friend had been / was         seriously injured on holiday some time before.

5 This had made him question what he has done / was doing       with his life.

6 On top of that, he has / had               just split up with his girlfriend.

7 He suddenly decided he would / might           cycle to Cambodia .

8 He worked out a route which had to / would       take him through over 20 countries.

9 The last leg was from Nepal, which was / is going to           be another 5,000 kilometres.

10 He said he should / would         spend the first few weeks in Asia.

11 No sooner had he arrived in Thailand than he was suddenly struck / striking          down with Dengue fever and hospitalised.

12 Alice cycled into Phnom Penh the very day the cricket match was to start / has started          .

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