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Write S (similar) or D (diff erent) next to the pairs of adjectives to say if they have a similar or diff erent meaning.

big                             large 
2 good                            bad 
3 fashionable                            trendy
4 famous                            well-known
5 exciting                            boring
6 international                            cosmopolitan
7 peaceful                            lively
8 down-to-earth                            romantic

Select the correct option to complete the sentences.

1 The place I live is really _______ . There are no shops and nothing to do.

2 I know a really _____ bar. There are always lots of customers laughing and chatting.

3 That shop has all the latest fashions. It’s really ______.

4 It’s a very ______  museum. It’s always on TV.

5 Low lights, soft music and candles on the tables. It’s a really______ little restaurant.

6 I live in a very ______ part of town. There are people and shops from all over the world.

Describe two places you know with adjectives from activity 1.
Example The park near the station is very peaceful in the evening.


1- Look at the holiday brochure above. What cities are shown in the pictures? Read the brochure and check your ideas.

2- Read the holiday brochure for weekend breaks to three famous European cities and fi nd the answers to the questions below.

1 Why is London a good place to go if you like parks?
2 Why is London a good place for people who like going to the theatre?
3 Why is the Champs Elysees a good place to go if you are interested in clothes?
4 Why is Paris a good place to go if you like crepes?
5 Why is Barcelona a good place to go if you like nightlife?

Read the brochure again and select YES or NO to answer the questions below.

1 Is there a larger city in Europe than London?

2 Is there a more popular tourist destination than London?

3 Is there a more fashionable street than the Champs Elysees?

4 Is there a livelier street in Spain than Las Ramblas?

Which city break would you like to go on? Why?

Language Focus

Use the prompts to write sentences with one of the/some of the, a superlative, and of or in.

a My wedding was a very happy day.
It was         one of the happiest days of             my life.
b That’s a really beautiful park.
It’s                                                         my area.
c August is a very hot month.
It’s                                                         the year.
d That restaurant makes delicious fish and chips.
It makes                                                          town.
e That stall sells cheap clothes.
They sell                                                         the market.
f Six o’clock is a very busy time.
It’s                                                          the day.

Listen. How do we say the underlined words when we speak naturally?

Think of three places in your town that you can recommend to visitors.
Use the table below to make notes about the places and why you recommend them.
Try to use at least one superlative for each place.

Tell your new partner about the places you want to recommend.
Ask questions to get more information.
Example A: I recommended Marwood's Café, near the park. It has the best cheesecake in town.
                   B: Is it cheap?
                   A: No, but it's delicious.

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