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1-Complete the story. Match 1–8 with a–h to make sentences. Write only letters(a.b.c ...)

1  In the 1950s, an Australian got      h

2 While saving up for a return flight home to Australia, he had       

3 Finding himself with no money, he got a friend        

4 He had it specially         

5 They had the crate     

6 In India, customs officials had                             

7 On arrival, he had hoped           

8 He got himself         

a designed so he could sit or lie back in it during the journey.   

b labelled as paint for a fi ctitious shoe company in Australia.

c the crate unloaded and it was then left upside down in the sun.

d his wallet stolen and had no money for a ticket.

e driven from the airport downtown and got home in time for his daughter’s birthday.

f to have the invoice paid cash on delivery but the crate was left in a shed and he escaped.

g to build a packaging case large enough for him to sit in.

h himself fl own back home from London not as a passenger but as a package.,

2-Type the correct words to complete the sentences.

1 My hair is getting very long. I will have to get it cut / get it to cut soon.

2 When I was living in China as a student, I used to get my parents pay / to pay    for calls.

3 Our house was getting too small for the family so we had it extended / got it to extend    .

4 She is starting up a new business and is getting her friends to help / helped           her.

5 That suit fits so perfectly you must have had made it / had it made            for you.

6 The house needed renovating so we had an architect draw / drawing         up some plans.

7 When we moved we got to forward our mail / our mail forwarded to         our new address.

8 I had had the room to set up / set up               in advance so we were ready to start on time.

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