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Read the list below.
How important are the things on the list to you when you stay in a hotel?
Write 1, 2, or 3 next to each one (1 = very important, 2 = quite important, 3 = not so important).

clean rooms .......................  
internet access ..................  
good food ..........................  
nice location ......................  
friendly staff ......................  
a good price ......................  
first-class service ...............  

Write the words in the box to describe the pictures of the hotels. Words may be used more than once.

beautiful- big - cheap - cold - delicious - expensive - friendly - interesting - peaceful - pretty - romantic - small - unusual





Read the entries from a website for booking hotels.
Type A, B, or C to match them with the hotels in the pictures from the previous activity.


Read the website entries again and select T (true) or F (false) for each statement below.

1 The Ice Palace is cheaper than the Halus Hotel.

2 The Avon Inn is more expensive than the Ice Palace.

3 The Halus Hotel is colder than the Ice Palace.

4 The website has a smaller hotel than the Avon Inn.

5 The Ice Palace has a bigger room than the Snow White Chapel.

6 The website has cheaper hotels than the Halus Hotel.

7 The website has more unusual hotels than the Ice Palace.

Language Focus

We use the superlative forms of adjectives to compare three or more things.

The Avon Inn is the smallest hotel on our site.
The Ice Palace is the most unusual hotel in the world.

We form superlatives in this way:

Adjectives with one syllable: add -est

cheap ===> cheapest
cold ===> coldest

Adjectives with two syllables, ending in -y: change the
-y to -iest

pretty ===>  prettiest
friendly ===>  friendliest

Other adjectives:
use most
expensive ===>most expensive
romantic ===>most romantic

Two common irregular adjectives

Good ===>
bad ===>

Use the prompts to complete the dialogues with the superlative form of the adjectives.

1) A - Yesterday was very cold.
B - Yes, it was    day of the year.
2) A - That’s a really tall building.
B - Yes, it’s   building in town.
3) A - He’s really handsome.
B - Well, he’s   man in my office.
4) A - She was interesting.
B - Yes, she was   woman at the
5) A - That’s a pretty dress.
B - Thank you. I bought it because it was   dress in the shop.
6) A - This food is good!
B - Yes, it’s   dish on the menu.

Sounding Natural
Time to speak

Think of a hotel you have stayed at. Fill in the form for that hotel.

Work in groups.
Discuss the hotels you made notes on in the previous activity .
Decide on the best one to stay at in the future.

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