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Time: ​40 minutes

  (You will have approximately 30 minutes to work, plus 10 minutes to transfer your  answers onto the answer sheet.)    

Instructions to Candidates    

 Listen carefully. You will hear instructions for each part of the paper. 

 Answer each question.  

 While you are listening, record your answers in the question booklet.   

When the recording has finished, you will have 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. In the actual exam you need to use a pencil.  

Information for Candidates   

This test has ​four​ parts.  

 You will hear each part only 1 time.   

This test contains​ 40​ questions.  

 Each question is worth one point.    

Throughout the test, you will be given time to study the questions and check your answers.

Section 1: Questions 1-10

Questions 1-6    

Complete the notes below ​ .     

Write ​ NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER ​ for each answer.    

Write your answers in boxes 1-6 .  

Giant Truck Moving Company: Customer Inquiry Form
Inquiry Number: 1       .
Customer Name: Mrs. June Rayburn
Destination: 2 798      Street, Grand City.
Origin: Street Address: 12 Irving Court, Grand City
Move Distance: 3      
Apartment size, or number of bedrooms: 4      
List of large items to be moved:
Kitchen table
Two 5      
Two beds
Three large bookshelves
Number of boxes:
Approximately 60

Questions 7-10

Choose the correct letter, ​ A ​ , ​ B ​ , or ​ C ​ .  

 7  The woman describes her piano as being   



The woman’s current apartment and her new address   


The customer service representative says that the move, with the piano, will cost   


The customer service representative instructed the woman to send him a photo   and     

Section 2: Questions 11-20

 Questions 11-13   

Choose the correct letter, ​ A ​ , ​ B ​ , or ​ C ​ .    

 11   Most of the animals at Moray Bay Aquarium come from   


  One of the two main goals of the aquarium is to encourage people   


The purpose of the Beach Bash is   

Questions 14-20

Label the plan of the Moray Bay Beach Event Center below.    


Write ​ NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER ​ for each answer. 









Section 3: Questions 21-30

Questions 21-28    

Complete the sentences below. 

Write ​ NO MORE THAN ONE WORD ​ from the lecture for each answer.     

21  The video shows chimpanzees using sign language to talk to one another, people   and                        

22 Since the videos appear dated, a student questions whether scientists currently   perform similar                        

23 The professor admits that the examples in the videos are                      ones.   

24 A student did not expect that chimpanzees would be so                      with   human language.     

 25 Recent research found that chimpanzees used sign language to communicate in   the                         

26 It is mentioned that the way people control their vocal cords,             , teeth   and lips is unique to humans.   

27 The use of a voice is not a                    in all human languages.   

 28 Unless they are                   by humans, chimpanzee sign language is very simple.

Questions 29-30

Choose the correct letter, ​ A, B, ​ or ​ C.   

29  ​One reason that wild chimpanzees can only say a few things is 


 The professor believes that displacement and productivity are 

Section 4: Questions 31-40

Questions 31-34   

Complete the sentences below.  Write ​ ​NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR A  NUMBER​ for each answer.    

Write your answers in boxes 31-34 on your answer sheet.      

 31  Approximately 2 billion people live in desert               globally.    

32  People living in dryland zones often over-use their own                 , such as   water.   

33 Drought is an example of how desertification can occur                

34  Historically, increasing populations led to the need for irrigated                

Questions 35-37

Choose the correct letter: ​ A ​ , ​ B ​ , or ​ C.   

Write your answers in boxes 35-37 on your answer sheet.   

35 What creates very rich soil?  


 Healthy topsoil can reduce desertification by 


Trees prevent desertification by 

Questions 38-40

Choose ​ THREE ​ features below are mentioned as methods to address the problem of  desertification? Choose three letters: ​ A ​ ​ G ​ .   

Choose your answers.     

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