In The Town

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Match the places to the activities.

bank - department store - Italian restaurant - post office -  station


      post office


buy stamps

post letters

get a TV license

Around the town



buy a gift

eat in a café

do window shopping

Around the town



put money in

take money out

use a cash machine

Around the town



buy a ticket

meet a friend

catch a train

Around the town



eat pasta

drink wine

fall in love

Around the town

2 Name one thing people do in each of these other places.

around the town
Cinema:   eat popcorn ,   ________________

Hotel:       ________________
Bookshop:  ________________
School:  ________________
Pet shop:  ________________ 


Look at the map and listen to three conversations.
Number the circles on the map to show which places the people are talking about.

around the town

Conversation 1 :   

Conversation 2 :     

Conversation 3 :     


Listen again to the conversations and choose the correct options to complete the replies.

Conversation 1  Put the words in order

Question     Excuse me… here / is / Bella Monica restaurant / near / the

                       Excuse me ...                           ?


Choose the correct option 

It’s  _____  of Century Road. It’s  _______   the pet shop and the school

Conversation 2

Conversation 2  Put the words in order

a- Question   : 
Excuse me… here / is / station / near / the

                        Excuse me ...                   ?


Choose the correct option 

It’s not far. It’s _____ of Alexander Street. It’s   ______ the bookshop.

Conversation 3

Conversation 2  Put the words in order

a- Question   : 
Excuse me… the / City Hotel / for / I’m / looking

                        Excuse me ...                   ?


Choose the correct option 

It’s  ____ of North Street and Alexander Street. It’s _____ the post office.

Language Focus

We can ask where places are in different ways.

(Excuse me…) Is the station near here?
(Excuse me…) I’m looking for the City Hotel.

We can use the expressions below to say where places are.




around the town around the town

  On + Name of a street

The bank is on North Street.

around the town

on the corner of +  Name of a street

The bank is on the corner

of North Street and King’s Road.

around the town

next to  +  Place ( cinema , shop , library etc.. )

The bank is next to the cinema.

Around the town

between +  Two place ( place 1 + place 2 )

The bank is between the

hotel and the bookshop.

Around the town

Opposite + Place  ( Pet shop , school , restaurant etc.. )

The bank is opposite the

post office.


Complete the conversations below using the map from and the expressions from the
Language Focus.

around the city

a  A: Excuse me… I’m looking for  the school.
   B: It’s       the Italian restaurant.
   A: Thanks very much.

b A: Excuse  .
B: Yes?
A: Is     cinema         ?
B: It’s  North Street and . It’s     the department store.
A: Thanks very much.

c A:                   …
    the post office      here?
B: Yes. It’s  Alexander Street, It's     the hotel    the bookshop.
A: Thanks.
B: No problem.

Time to Talk

Look at the map and make three questions about the following place .

around the city

1- Shoe Shop                   2- Bookshop                 3-  Department Store 

1- Excuse me , __________________. ?
2- ________________________ ?
3- ________________________?
Answer your questions.

1- It's on _______________.
2- ____________________.
3- ___________________.

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