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Vocabulary A2 : In town

Vocabulary A2 : In town

Good to know
A library is a place where you borrow books. You do not have to pay.
The place where you buy books is called a book shop.

Words for talking about towns

airport (n) An airport
is a place where planes come to and go from.
bank (n) A bank is a place where people can keep their money.
book shop (n) A book shop is a place that sells books.
bus station (n) A bus station is a place where buses come to and go from.
bus stop (n) A bus stop is a place where you can get on a bus.
cafe (n) A cafe is a place where you can buy drinks and small meals.
car park (n) A car park is an area of ground or a building where people can leave their cars for a period of time.
cinema (n) A cinema is a building where people watch movies.
city (n) A city is a large town.
flat (n) A flat is a set of rooms for living in, usually on one floor.
hotel (n) A hotel is a building where people pay to sleep and eat meals.
library (n) A library is a building where books are kept for people to borrow.
map (n) A map is a drawing of a particular area such as a city or a country, that shows
things like mountains, rivers, and roads.
market (n) A market is a place where people buy and sell products.
museum (n) A museum is a building where you can look at interesting and valuable objects.
park (n) A park is a public area of land with grass and trees, usually in a town, where
people go to relax and enjoy themselves.
restaurant (n) A restaurant is a place where you can buy and eat a meal.
road (n) A road is a long piece of hard ground that vehicles travel on.
school (n) A school is a place where children go to learn.
shop (n) A shop is a place that sells things.
street (n) A street is a road in a city or a town.
town (n) A town is a place with many streets and buildings where people live and work.

1- Match the words with the pictures

A2 Vocabulary : In Town

1 map           
2 park   
3 restaurant    
4 shop        
5 library         
6 museum      

2- Put the correct word in each gap.

road | airport | library | cafe | bank | school | market

1 Get on a plane here               
2 Go out with friends for a coffee here.        
3 Keep your money here            
4 Drive a car on here            
5 Buy fruit here          
6 Go to lessons in classrooms here.        

3- Rearrange the letters to find words. Use the definitions to help you.

1 stranuarte                            (Go here to have something to eat.)
2 brilayr                                   (Go here to read books.)
3 sbu psto                                 (Wait here for a bus.)
4 thelo                                       (Sleep here for a few nights.)
5 acrkrap                                   (Put your car here.)
6 dora                                         (Cars drive here.)

4- Put the correct word in each gap.

cinema | hotels | street | station | flat | cafe

I live in a    1 in an old building. It is opposite two of the city's most famous, expensive 2       I work in a bank, and I always go to work by bus. I catch it at the bus 3     at the end of my4       I often have a drink at the 5       there. After work, I sometimes go to the 6      to see a film.

5- Match the sentence halves.

1  Jack lives ________


2 I often go to the museum _________


3 Lots of cars ________


4 This shop ________


5 You can get good meals _________


6 Look at the map _______

6- Put each sentence into the correct order.

1 park / walk / the / in / we often / .
2 market/Jill / food at / buys / the /.
3 museum / lots of / old / things / has / the / .
4 Tom's / in / this street / school / is /.
5 good coffee / cafe / sells / that /.
6 map / you can / our road on / see / this / .

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