Lesson 12 : Linking Words, Phrases, and Sentences

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Linking Words, Phrases, and Sentences

Let's use conjunctions to link nouns, phrases, and sentences together.

Using short sentences might seem childish. As you improve your language skills, you'll use words like "and" and "but" to combine many short ideas into one longer sentence. Look at how the example goes from five separate sentences to just one.

Ed bought some apples. He bought some pears.
He bought some oranges. He did not buy any bananas.
He did not buy any grapes.
Ed bought apples, pears, and oranges,
but no bananas or grapes.
You are listing several items, so notice the phrasing.

Conjunctions - And, But, So, Or, Because
Fill in the appropriate conjunction, using and, but, so, or, and because.

She knows how to drive,               but        she prefers to ride her bike.

1. We can't swim, _______________  we don't go to the pool.

2. Everyone eats  ____________  drinks at weddings.

3. We don't have a map,   ___________    we get lost.

4. We get lost ___________ we don't have a map.

5. The workers are tired,  _________ they take a break.

6. We were tired,  ______________ we went to work anyway.

7. The tourists went to Italy  ___________ France.

8. The tourists went to Italy  ____________ not France.

9. They wanted to speak French,  _____________ they went to France.

10. The kids rode bikes  ______________ flew kites.

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