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Look at the jobs and tick the ones for people who work inside.

2 Match the jobs with the phrases below.

1- build things

2- clean the house

3- cut hair

4- deliver post

5- grow food

6- help sick people

7- work with numbers


Listen to three people talking. What are their jobs?

Speaker 1 - Hilary     
Speaker 2 - Mark      
Speaker 3 - Jane       

Listen again and tick the things in the table that are important for the jobs in the previous activity.

1- Hilary

2 - Mark

3- Jane

Look at the previous activity and choose T (true) or F (false) next to the sentences below.

Hilary has to cut hair.

b Hilary doesn’t have to be friendly.

c Mark has to wear a suit.

d Mark doesn’t have to work in an office.

e Jane has to cook.

f Jane doesn’t have to do the shopping.

Language Focus

1 We use have to when we say that it is important or necessary to do something.

have/has to + base form of the verb
I have to work in really bad weather.
Mary has to cook dinner every day.

2 We use don’t have to when we say something isn’t necessary to do.

don’t/doesn’t have to + base form of the verb
I’m a writer, so I don’t have to work in an office.
She doesn’t have to answer phones.

3 Questions

do/does + have to + base form of the verb
What time do you have to start work every day?
Does he have to meet customers?

Write the words in the correct order to make sentences. Don’t forget the punctuation.

wake / to / up / tomorrow / I / early / have
b have / work / do / you / to / French / at / speak
c make / have / we / to / don’t / lunch
d the / do / finish / I / when / to / report / have
e station. / to / drive / to / you / me / don’t / have / the
f wear / have / work. / to / suit / a / at / doesn’t / he
g to / passport / she / her / bring / have / does
h have / the / to / meeting / go / don’t / you / to
i do / arrive / airport / what / they / to / have / the / time / at

Sounding Natural

Listen to the sentences below. Are the underlined sounds the same or different?

Time to speak

Read the questions below. Make a note of your answers. Add three more questions to the list.

1. What kind of things do you have to do for other people?
2. How many places do you have to go to during the week?
3. Do you have to work long hours?
4. _____________ ?
5. _____________ ?
6. _____________ ?

Answer the questions .

Example    A: What kind of things do you have to do for other people?
                      B: I have to make breakfast for my parents, and then I have to...

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