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Write the letters to match the words below with the correct activities in the pictures.

Speak A1: Routine

1-                    4-    a                              7-   
2-                    5-              8- 
3-                    6-              9- 


Look at the coloured parts of the calendar and the three example descriptions below, then choose the correct words to complete the descriptions for the other parts of the calendar.

A1 Speaking : Routine 1 every / most / some         Monday
2 every / most / some        Tuesdays
3 every / most / some         Tuesdays
4 every / most / some          Wednesday
5 every / most / some          Thursdays
6 every / most / some           Fridays
7 every / most / some           weekends


Read what Beth says about her weekends and complete each paragraph with the correct form of the verbs in the boxes.  Some verbs are used more than once.

Paragraph 1

be -  close  - cook -  get -  go -  work

Paragraph 2

be - do - get - go - have - meet - stay - work  - watch

Paragraph 1 

Our office is really busy. We all work late from Monday to Thursday but we never    late on Fridays. 
On Fridays the office always    at six o'clock, and we all    for a drink.
There    a nice bar near the office , and we usually     there.
I don't    dinner on Fridays. I always      a takeaway and     home. 

Paragraph 2 

On Saturdays , I always     a lie-in  in the morning. I never     up before ten. I     housework and then I usually     into town. My boyfriend James, always     on Saturday mornings. He usually     me for lunch. He doesn't    breakfast so he    always quite hungry.
After lunch , we usually      shopping. On Saturday evenings, we sometimes      clubbing, but we     quite old now ( I     25 , and he     26)  so we usually     in and        TV.

Answer the following questions

Choose " true " or " False " for the following sentences.

Beth works late every Friday

b. Beth and her colleagues go for a drink every Friday.

c Beth doesn’t cook on Fridays.

d Beth goes into town most Saturdays

e Beth and James don’t go clubbing.

f Beth and James stay in most Saturday evenings.

Language Focus

1. We can use the present simple to talk about routines and what normally happens in our daily lives.

I / you / we / they + base form of the verb
he / she + base form + s / es

We work late every day.
He works on Saturday mornings.
She teaches art.

have is different.
I / you / we / they have
he / she has
He has lunch at the office.

Negative statements
I / you / we / they + don’t + base form of the verb
(don’t = do not)
he / she + doesn’t + base form of the verb
(doesn’t = does not)
I don’t cook dinner on Fridays.
He doesn’t eat breakfast.

2. We often use adverbs such as always, never, often, sometimes, and usually with the present simple to say how frequently we do things.
They come after be and before other main verbs.

I’m always tired.
I’m not usually busy on Sundays.
He’s never late.
I always have a lie-in in the mornings.
He usually meets me for lunch.

Questions and answers
A: When does she usually finish work?
B: At six, but sometimes at seven.
A: Where do you usually go for a drink?
B: In a bar near my office.
A: Do you sometimes get a takeaway?
B: Yes, usually on Fridays. / No, not often.
A: Why is he never on time?

How often... ? is different.
A: How often does she work late?
B: Never!
A: How often do you have a lie-in?
B: Sometimes on Saturdays.

Practice here


Write the words below in the correct order to make sentences.

a sometimes / I / clubbing / go

b does / housework / never / he
c always / are / busy / we
d late / do / how / work / often / you
e do / for / you / friends / sometimes / lunch / meet
f weekend / she / usually / what / at / the / do / does

Sounding Natural

Listen. Choose the sound you hear in the underlined parts of each sentence below.

I’m usually busy on Friday                         /s/  / z /   /ʒ/
2 I always go shopping on Saturday            /s/  / z /   /ʒ/
3 Do you sometimes work late?                   /s/  / z /   /ʒ/                    

Time to speak

Read questions 1, 2 and 3 below about weekends and make a note of your own answers. Then complete questions 4,5,6 .

1. What do you usually do on Saturday night?
2. Do you sometimes get a takeaway  (What do you usually get ? )
3. How often do you go clubbing?
4. What do you usually  ___________ ?
5. Do you sometimes ___________ ?
6. How do you often __________ ?

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