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Vocabulary A2 : NatureNatural world

Dear Martha,
You asked me to tell you about where I live. Out house is next to a large forest, where we can go walking and climb in the trees. Behind the forest there are mountains. They are so high that they have snow on them, even in summer. Our house is nearly is miles form from the nearest town. I love living in the country, but if you come  to visit, it will be strange for you to be so far away from a city.
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Vocabulary A2: NatureDear Liesl
Thank you for  telling me about the place where you live! Tt sounds very different from my home! I live in a big city. I t is a beautiful city, with a river running through the middle of it.
We have a small garden and my mum likes to grow lots of flowers. The city also has lots of parks with nice plants in them. When the weather is hot, we go to the beach. It only takes half an hour in the car.
Your friend

Words for talking about the natural world

beach (n)  A beach
is an area of sand or stones next to a lake or the sea.
cold (adj) Cold describes the weather when the temperature is low.
country 1 (n) A country is an area of the world with its own government and people.
              2 (n) The country is land that is away from cities and towns.
flower (n) A flower is the brightly coloured part of a plant.
forest (n) A forest is a large area where trees grow close together.
grass (n) Grass is a plant with thin, green leaves that cover the surface of the ground.
hot (adj) Hot describes the weather when the temperature is high.
place (n)A place is a particular building, area, town, or country.
plant (n) A plant is a living thing that grows in the earth and has a stem, leaves, and roots.
rain 1 (n) Rain is water that falls from the clouds in small drops.
          2 (v) When rain falls, you can say that it is raining.
river (n) A river is a long line of water that flows into the sea.
sea (n) The sea is a large area o f salty water.
snow (n) Snow is soft white frozen water that falls from the sky.
summer (n) Summer is the season between spring and autumn and is usually the hottest part of the year.
sun (n) The sun is the ball of fire in the sky that gives us heat and light.
tree (n) A tree is a tall plant with a hard central part (= a trunk), branches, and leaves.
warm (n) Something that is warm has some heat, but is not hot.
weather (n) The weather is the temperature and conditions outside, for example if it is raining, hot, or windy.
winter (n) Winter is the season between autumn and spring and is usually the coldest part of the year.
world (n) The world is the planet that we live on.
1- Rearrange the letters to find words. Use the definitions to help you.

1 habec                               (a place by the sea)
2 ostref                              (lots of trees)
3 rewolf                             (a beautiful part of a plant)
4 mermus                          (the warm time of the year)
5 thawree                           (this can change every day in England)
6 drowl                                (we all live in this)

2- Match the words with the pictures.

Vocabulary A2 : Nature1 sun               

2 snow           

3 grass           

4 plant           

5 rain             

6 tree             

3-Find the words that do not belong.

1 Describing weather


2 Things in a garden


3 Water


4 Places


5 Seasons

4- Choose the correct word.

1 I feel happy when the _________  is shining.


2 We often go for a walk in the ______ at the weekend.


3 There is usually _______  here in the winter.


4 People don't stay on the beach when it _________ .


5 Did you have good ________  for your birthday party?

5- Are the highlighted words correct or incorrect in the sentences?

Tick the correct words.

1 What kind of weather do you have in your part of the world ?
2 That plant has very nice trees  and flowers.
3 I enjoy walking in the weather .
4 The sea is warm in the summer, so we can swim in it.
5 We wanted to go out, but it began to rain .
6 We never see snow in my country, because it's very summer .

6- Put the correct word in each gap.

summer - flower - forest - sea - river - tree - beach

The 1       begins in a beautiful 2       under a tall, old    Then it goes through a town and comes to the  4    There is
a small 5      where people can enjoy the warm sun in 6   

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