New Look

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Use the verbs from the list to complete the ideas for how you can change your look.

                      burn - buy - cut - dye - get - join

1 Burn your old clothes and   new ones.
2    your hair a different colour.
3   a perm.
4   a gym.
5   your hair


b Which suggestion in activity 1 a do you think is the best?


Listen to Pat and Sam talking, and then look at their pictures below and select the correct name.


Match the questions with the answers.

1- Have you changed your hair colour?

2 Have you lost weight?

3 Have you done something to your hair?

Choose the correct option to complete the sentences below.

a Pat and Sam are talking about actions that happened in _________ .

b They ______ see the results of the actions now.

4 Do you think Pat and Sam will see each other again? Why?

Language Focus

We can use the present perfect to talk about a past action that has a connection to the present.

Write the words in the correct order to make present perfect statements.
Use contracted forms (e.g. he’s, she’s) where possible.

a he / his / has / lost / glasses  -->  He's lost his glasses.
b shops / to / gone / the / has / Linda      
c diet / I / started / have / a      
d of / they / people / a / have / invited / lot      
e has / his / Timmy / homework / forgotten / do / to      
f have / late / I / woken / up   
g have / I / finished / the / newspaper / reading    

Match each statement with a present result

1- He’s lost his glasses.

2- Linda’s gone to the shops.

3- I’ve started a diet.

4- They’ve invited a lot of people.

5- Timmy’s forgotten to do his homework.

6- I’ve woken up late.

7- I’ve fi nished reading the newspaper.

Sounding Natural

Listen then repeat .

1 Mary’s bought a new dress. 

Match each sentence with its meaning. (type 1,2,3,4 )
1 Mary’s bought a new dress.                  (she didn’t steal it)
2 Mary’s bought a new dress.                (it wasn’t second-hand)
3 Mary’s bought a new dress.                (it isn’t a blouse)
4 Mary’s bought a new dress.                (Jane didn’t buy it)

Time to speak

Read the prompts below. Write two more similar prompts.

1- You've lost your wallet.
2- You've caught a cold.
3- You've eaten a really hot chilli pepper.
4- You've spilled sauce on your shirt.
5- ___________________

6- ___________________

Take turns. Choose a prompt and mime it for the partner to guess.
Each correct guess gets a point for your team.

A: You've lost your pen.
                  B: No, guess again.
                 A: I know. You've lost your keys!
                 B: That's right!

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