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Answer the questions below.

1 Did you wear a school uniform when you were at school?
2 If you wore a uniform, did you like it? Did you change it in any way?
3 If you didn’t wear a uniform, what did you wear?


We asked six people for their opinion about school uniforms.Listen and tick  the correct option to say if the person thinks school uniforms are a good or bad idea.

Select the correct options to complete the dialogues below.

1 A: What’s your opinion on school uniforms?
   B: Personally, I think that they’re  _____. I wore a uniform at school, and I hated it!

2 A: Do you think that wearing school uniforms is ________?
   B: Yes. I like my uniform. I think it’s pretty.

3 A: How do you ______ about school uniforms?
    B: I think they’re all right. I wear a suit to the office. It’s not so different.

4 A: What do you think ______ wearing school uniforms?
   B: In my ______, they’re stupid. I want to wear my own clothes.

5 A: Do you think that school uniforms are a good idea?
    B: Yes, _______ . I think that the children look so nice in them.

6 A: Do you agree that school uniforms are a good idea?
   B:  ____ . They’re expensive and uncomfortable. Kids can’t relax.

Language Focus

Asking for someone’s opinion

Open questions

Agreeing and disagreeing

Use the expressions for agreeing and disagreeing from the box to complete the diagram below.

I suppose so - I’m not (so) sure - No, I completely disagree. - Yes. - No, not at all - Yes, definitely






Write letters to match two of the responses below to each of the following questions.

1 What’s your opinion on designer clothes? a    
2 How do you feel about people kissing on the street?       
3 What do you think about politicians?       
4 Do you agree that summer is the best time of year?      
5 Do you think that living in the country is a good idea?       

The responses:
a Personally, I love wearing them.
b In my opinion, they get too much money.
c Personally, I think it’s very romantic.
d I think that they are too expensive.
e No, not at all. There are no shops, and there’s nothing to do.
f I suppose so. The city is quite dirty.
g Yes, definitely. I love hot weather.
h In my opinion, it’s rude.
i I think that they do a great job.
j No, I completely disagree. I like the spring.

Sounding Natural

Listen. Notice the stressed word in the underlined part of each sentence below.

Time to speak

Make a note of your opinions on the questions below.
Three opinions must be true, and two opinions must be false. You choose which ones.

1. Do you agree that steak is tastier than fish?
2. How do you feel about gambling?
3. What's your opinion on young people?
4. Do you think that giving food to cats in the park is a good idea?
5. What do you think about black and white films?
7. _______________ ?
8. _______________ ?
9. _______________ ?

Ask and answer the questions

A: Do you agree that steak is tastier than fish?
                      B: Yes, definitely. How about you?
                     A: I'm not so sure. Personally, I love tuna. Why do you like steak?

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