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1-Choose the correct words to complete the conversation.

Silvia:  Hello, Mario. So what’s did you want to tell me?

 Mario : Well, it’s really exciting. 1 Generally / Basically, I have decided not to start work just yet.

Silvia:  Really? But I thought you got a job offer?

Mario: I have but, you know, we’ve only just graduated and I’ve been studying so hard, taking exams, revising and so on for many years. 2 Shortly / In a nutshell , I fancy doing something different and going somewhere new.

Silvia3 In other words / Said differently      , you decided to travel again.

Mario: This time it’s different ,it won’t be just for pleasure. I did some reading, talked to some friends and experienced people, did some desk research, sent off some emails and, 4 to cut things back / to cut a long story short          , I’m off to Africa.

Silvia:  Wow! Africa. To do what?

Mario:  Well, I wanted to do something meaningful, you know, help others. Give something back.

Silvia:  Do you mean not like people like me !

Mario:  No, 5 what I meant was / my meaning was       that for me it’s important to test myself a bit. Get out of the comfort zone. So I’m going to help build a school.

Silvia: A school? That will be awesome! You out in the African heat and me at my hot desk at the bank. That just about sums it up. So when are you off?

Mario:  Soon. Can’t wait. So much work waiting for me.

Silvia:  You know what ! I’m very proud.

2- Complete the sentences with the words in the box. There may be more than one possible answer. in a nutshell -to put it another way- that is to say- in other words- to cut a long story short- what I meant was

1 It’s hard to explain my job but in a nutshell , I help companies find solutions.

2 How did I end up here in Libya? Well,      , I got a part-time job here ten years ago.

3 People who eat their five a day,        fruit and vegetables, probably stay healthier.

4 Sorry, but that’s not my point –       that brothers should support each other.

5 You waste so much money on clothes and snacks         stuff you don’t need.

6 Even the Maghreb countries,         Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania, are struggling.

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