Present Perfect​

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1-Complete the sentences using the present perfect. Choose from these verbs: break - disappear - go up - grow - improve - lose - shrink – stop

1 Tom is looking for his key.  He can’t find it.       Tom has lost his key.

2 Maria’s English wasn’t very good.  Now it is better.   Her English        

3 My bag was here, but it isn’t here anymore. My bag     

4 Lisa can’t walk and her leg is in plaster.  Lisa     

5 Last week the bus fare was £1.80.  Now it is £2. The bus fare       

6 Dan didn’t have a beard before.  Now he has a beard.    Dan     

7 It was raining ten minutes ago.  It isn’t raining now.  It     

8 I washed my sweater, and now it’s too small for me.  My sweater     

2-Complete the sentences using “been” or “gone.

1 My parents are on holiday.  They’ve  gone   to Italy.

2 Hello!  I’ve just                to the shops.  I’ve bought lots of things.

3 Tom has just             out.  He’ll be back in about an hour.

4 Alice isn’t here at the moment.  I don’t know where she’s         

5 You’re very late.  Where have you           ?

3- Read the situations and write sentences with just, already or yet.

1 After lunch you go to see a friend at her house.  She says, ‘Would you like something to eat?’ You say:   No thank you.  I’ve just had lunch . (have lunch)

 2 Joe goes out.  Five minutes later, the phone rings and the caller says, ‘Can I speak to Joe?’ You say:  I’m afraid  he             . (go out)

3 You are eating in a restaurant.  The waiter thinks you have finished and starts to take your plate away. You say:  Wait a minute! I                . (not / finish)

4 You plan to eat at a restaurant tonight.  You phone to reserve a table.  Later your friend says, ‘Shall I phone to reserve a table?’   You say:  No, I                   . (do it)

5 You know that Lisa is looking for a place to live.  Perhaps she has been successful.

You ask her:    (find /you) a flat.

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