Past Continuous ​

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1- Complete the sentences. Choose from the list below: was looking - was wearing - wasn’t listening - weren’t looking - was snowing -was working - were sitting - were you going

1 Today Helen is wearing a skirt.  Yesterday she was wearing trousers.

2  ‘What did he say?’ ‘I don’t know.  I             .

3  We                  at the back of the theatre.  We couldn’t hear very well.

 4  This time last year Steve                    on a farm.

5  They didn’t see me.  They                           in my direction.

6 The weather was bad.  It was very cold and it               .

7 I saw you in your car.  Where                 ?

8 I saw Kate a few minutes ago.  She                              for you.

2- Match the sentences. Write numbers (1-2-3.. etc. )

1 When I got to the café                                   a  when she was living in Rome.   

2 We fell asleep                                                b  she was working in a clothes shop.

3 Amy learnt Italian                                         c  when I was driving home.     

4 Tom didn’t come out with us                      but nobody was watching it.   

5 The car began to make a strange noise       e  while we were watching a film.   

6 The TV was on                                                f  my friends were waiting for me.    1

7 When I first met Jessica                               g  because he wasn’t feeling well.     

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