Present Simple​

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1 Complete the sentences using the following verbs: cause(s)- live(s)-close(s)- connect(s)- go(es)-take (s)

1 Anna speaks German very well.

2 Ben and Jack                                         to the same school.

3 Bad driving                                 many accidents.

4 The museum                                  at 4 o'clock on Sundays.

5 My parents                                      in a very small flat.

6 The Olympic Games                              place every four years.

7 The Panama Canal                                 the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

2 Put the verb into the correct form.

1 Julia  doesn't drink (not/ drink) tea very often.

2 What time                          (the banks / close) here?

3 I have a car, but I                                           (not/ use) it much.

4 Where                                        (Maria / come) from? Is she Spanish?

5 'What                                                   (you / do)?' I'm an electrician.

6 Look at this sentence. What                                    (this word / mean)?

7 David isn't very fit. He                                          (not / do) any sport.

8 It                                    (take) me an hour to get to work in the morning. How long

                    (it / take) you?

3 Complete the sentences using these verbs. Sometimes you need the negative. Believe-eat-flow-go -grow -make -rise-tell-translate

1 The earth   goes  round the sun.

2 Rice  doesn't grow   in cold climates.

3 The sun                                           in the east.

4 Bees                                                                     honey.

5 Vegetarians                                                              meat.

6 An atheist                                                          in God.

7 An interpreter                                                     from one language into another.

8 Liars are people who                                                       the truth.

9 The River Amazon                                        into the Atlantic Ocean.

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