Confusing words

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1-Use the following words to complete the sentences. Party - crew – staff

1 A member of a political              gave a speech in the town centre last night.

2 The teaching              at our school have formed a basketball team.

3 The search               had no luck in finding the missing child.

4 The ship's                 served drinks as the ship set sail.

2- Use the following words to complete the sentences. aim - goal - intention - challenge - success – ambition

1 The Maths problem was a(n)                              and took me over an hour to solve.

2 The                        of environmental organisations is to stop environmental destruction.

3 People with            will always try to achieve their                      .

4 Their first album was a great                             and sold two million copies worldwide.

5 I have no                              of changing my plans for tonight.

3-Use the following words to complete the sentences. manage - run - operate – undertake

1 You have to read the instructions carefully before you       the photocopying machine.

2 Brett couldn't find experienced staff so he                  his business on his own for a few months.

3 Kate was supposed to                     the training of the new staff.

4 The company is                             by two people who share the responsibilities.

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