Confusing words (2)

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1-Use the following words to complete the sentences : job - occupation - work - employment – profession

1 People in the medical                work long hours.

2 In order to get a(n)          as a computer analyst, you need a degree in computer science.

3 Betty has been out of           since January.

              agencies help people find work in their field.

5 I was asked to write my present               on the application form.

2-Use the following words to complete the sentences. task - course – duty

1 They were set the                    of cleaning the room after the meeting.

2 It is a nurse's                           to make the patients feel comfortable.

3 Her marks are quite high, so she can choose between a medical or a law at        university.

Use the following words to complete the sentences. employer – employee - colleague - assistant - clerk - officer – attendant

1 The shop                helped me choose a jumper that suited me.

2 The car park                 is responsible for parking customers’ cars.

3 All               are expected to be at work by 8.30. Our             insists on it.


4 Jill worked as a(n)               for a law firm before entering politics.

5 All my                  at the office are friendly.

6 Bob is a senior                   in the armed forces.

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