Prepositions &Tenses​

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1 Read the following sentences and complete them with prepositions.

1 Congratulations Rodney! I'm so happy              you and your wife.

2 I would be more than happy to provide you           our company's catalogue.

3 We supply all major companies        our products.

4 She takes great pride           her work. That’s why she's the best in her field.

5 The government will provide housing       the homeless.

6 You shouldn't be proud           yourself. What you did was wrong!

7 The government supplied food and medicine          the victims of the hurricane.

8 The journalist was praised      his report          the starving children of Africa.

2 Read the text below and complete each blank with one word. All missing words are auxiliary verbs (is, was, have, has, had, do, does, did etc.).

My life (1)                         improved a lot since last year. You see, before

that I (2)                              been working in the same job for five years and I (3)                    beginning to feel rather bored. I (4)             getting ready to apply for another job when one day my boss called me into her office. "Our company

(5)                   planning to expand overseas," she said. "We (6)            thinking of starting with Spain, therefore we will (7)                    needing some of our best employees to support our new branch there. (8 )          you think you would be interested in a transfer?" Naturally I accepted, although at the time I (9 )              not know that they (10)         also going to promote me to assistant manager.

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