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1- Complete each pair of sentences using the same verb from the box: attract-doubt-fit-like-took-measure

1 a I hear you're having your house repainted. How's it looking? (or How does it Look ?)

b I bought this new dress today. How does it look ?

2 a A: What are you doing with that ruler? B: I                  the area of the kitchen.

b The garden                                  12 by 20 meters.

3 a I                          whether get another chance to retake the exam.

b I suppose she might be at home tonight, but I                               it.

4 a The new science museum                          currently 10,000 visitors a month.

b Flowers                                 bees with their brightly-colored petals.

5  a Carlos won't work at the top of the 20-storey building because he heights.

b A: How's the new job? a: Well, at the moment, I                            it at all.

6 a My car's in the garage today, They new                    brakes.

b I bought this jumper far Anna, but it                 her so I'll have to take it back.

2 Cross out any wrong answers

Dear Aunt Mara,

Thanks for your message. I (1) apologise 'm apologising            for not getting back to you sooner, but I've been incredibly busy. When I went into nursing, you warned me that it would be really hard work, but I (2) admit / 'm admitting                    that I didn't really believe you. Don't get me wrong - I (3) don't suggest /'m not suggesting                     that I'm not enjoying it. It's incredibly rewarding, but I (4) now realise / 'm now realising                     how hard the job is. When I get home I just eat (not very well, I (5) confess / 'm confessing                              and go straight to bed. It doesn't help that the bus journey to the hospital is so slow. I (6) consider /'m considering             buying a car, which will make things easier, I hope.

And what about you? How (7) do you find / are you finding                        living in a village after so many years in the city? I (8) know / 'm knowing                how difficult it is for you to travel such a long way, but it would be lovely if you could come and stay with me for a weekend. I've got plenty of room in my flat. I (9) don't guarantee / 'm not guaranteeing                 to cook as well as you do, but I (10) promise / 'm promising                     to find time to show you around this lovely old town.

Hope to see you soon. Keep in touch.



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