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Listen to the following conversation.
(Scenario – Tanya and Michelle are female friends talking at a coffee shop.).


Fill in the blanks as you listen to the dialog again.

Tanya: Michelle, I (1)       .
Michelle: What’s the problem, Tanya?
Tanya: I bought a (2)         . It turns out that it’s of very low quality.
Michelle: (3)        . Just return it.
Tanya: That’s the problem. I (4)          to return it.
Michelle: Isn’t there a physical (5)        ?
Tanya: None. No (6)        . Not even an e-mail address.
Michelle: It (7)         they intended to rip off shoppers.
Tanya: I’m afraid you’re right. I (8)        I can’t wear.
Michelle: That’s why (9)          on the Internet.

Useful Expressions

Make complete sentences by writing the best expression in each blank.

. If you think I’m going to leave, ______________________.

b. In the last ten years, I’ve never _________________ lose weight.

c. After all this time, ____________________ we should be friends.

d. It’s late, but ______________. You still have to do your homework.

e. After a long search, _________________the dog was under our house.

Model Dialog 
Listen as the teacher reads the model dialog.
(Scenario – Jason and Maria are friends having lunch at a restaurant.)

Jason: This is a great restaurant for lunch! Thanks for inviting me here.
Maria: My pleasure. It’s good to see you again.
Jason: You too. What have you been doing lately?
Maria: I’ve been buying a lot of items for our high-tech store.
Jason: Is that hard?
Maria: It turns out that most of what we need is on the Internet.
Jason: That must be helpful.
Maria: If we didn’t use the Internet, it would be harder to make a profit.
Jason: It seems to me that your customers could buy those things directly.
Maria: Frankly, they could. But our customers like to see what they’re buying.
Jason: Have you found any way to get special discounts?
Maria: Yes. We often get lower prices when we buy large amounts.
Jason: Internet shopping is working for you. My experience has been worse.
Maria: That’s too bad. I’m afraid you’re right for clothes and shoes. Things like that.
Jason: I guess shoppers have to be careful no matter how they shop.
Maria: True. Or you could shop with us and relax.
Guided Speaking

With a partner, take turns completing the answers to the questions.

 I am satisfied - three or four times a week  - shop for music and books -never got my product -  had any problem - the websites offer discounts for larger orders - I am very disappointed  - usually lower than store prices

 What do you shop for on the Internet?
Mostly I (1)               .
 How often are you satisfied with your results?
Usually (2)                 . [or] Sometimes                .
 How often do you shop on the Internet?
I shop on the Internet (3)                .
 How do you feel about prices on the Internet?
Internet prices are (4)                .
 What kind of problems have you had?
Once I (5)                . [or] I’ve never                .
 Have you found any way to get discounts?
Often (6)                 .


Shopping Receipts
Read the receipt, and learn the common symbols and expressions.

shopping onlineWhen we go shopping we receive a receipt for what we buy. Receipts are small and can be difficult to read if we don’t understand the common symbols used on receipts. Below are explanations of common symbols and expressions.

LB: Pounds
@: At
/: Price per unit (in this case: Pound)
TAX: State and local taxes due on purchases
BALANCE DUE: Total of all purchased items
CASH: Payment method
CHANGE: Money returned after a cash payment
08/24/09: Date of purchase

1. Look at the receipt again, and answer the following questions.

a. The shopper purchased     pounds of apples.
b. The shopper spent $     for beverage.
c. The shopper paid using    .
d. Salmon costs $     per pound.

Answer the questions below

a. Do you like shopping? If yes, what item(s) do you usually buy? 
b. How often do you go shopping? 
c. Do you prefer online shopping or shopping at stores?

• I am not a couch potato, if that’s what you mean.
• We would be delighted if you could join us.
If we didn’t use the Internet, it would be harder to make a profit.
If I had a magic carpet, I’d take you to a magic land.
Read the following passage, and answer the questions.
Use the words provided below each question.

Have you ever bought anything online? Or have you ever gone “window shopping” on websites? If so, you’re not alone. This is one of the fastest growing consumer habits in the world.
Just a few years ago, people were not very familiar with Internet technology. They were worried about making a purchase online. But now people can buy nearly everything on the Internet. From 1999 to 2002, electronic commerce, or e-commerce, grew by 29 percent annually. This is not only due to an increase in the number of people trusting the Internet; it is also because more people have Internet access. In 1997, less than 20 percent of Americans had Internet access at home. In 2001, that number increased to more than 50 percent. As more people have gained online access, they have begun shopping online more often.
The Internet has created a convenient way for business people to locate items they need and to get them at the best prices. In the past, owners of most businesses bought their supplies locally. Now, business people anywhere in the world can shop on the Internet to find the best deals. For instance, the owner of a restaurant in a small town that wants to buy uniforms for employees can compare items from New York, Chicago, and other cities. In this way, he or she often can choose from a wider variety of items at lower prices. If you are one of the few people who haven’t tried online shopping yet, you’re likely to be an online shopper eventually!

annually: every year
access: availability; ability to use; right to use
locate: to find
eventually: at last; in the end

1. According to the reading passage, what can restaurant owners in a small town do?

buy, uniform, employee, compare, Chicago
Your answer may begin like: They can buy uniforms on the Internet for their ....

2. What are some Internet shopping tips?

price-comparison site, buyer review, trust, coupon

Your answer may begin like: First, get the best deal by using price-comparison sites. Second, ....

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