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Warming Ups

Speaking : ShoppingAnswer the following questions : 

  • Do you like shopping? 
  • Have you ever spent too much money? 
  • How long do you usually shop for? 
  • Think about the most expensive thing you have ever bought. 
  • Do you prefer to shop alone or with other people?
  • Who does the grocery shopping in your household?

Listen to the short passage about shopping at stores.

2- Useful Expressions

Match the related choices.

1. I’d like to try this on.

2. Do you have this in blue?

3. We have leather and cotton.

4. It looks great on you.

5. How will you pay for that?

Listening & Speaking

Listening & Speaking
Listen as the teacher reads the model dialog.

(Scenario – Tenesha is a young office worker shopping for a blouse at a department store.)

Tenesha: Hello, I’d like to try this on.
Sales Person: No problem. I’ll show you where the fitting room is. Follow me.
Tenesha: (looking in mirror) I think this would look better in blue. Do you have this in blue?
Sales Person: Yes, I do. We also have it in pink, white, and burgundy. Which do you prefer?
Tenesha: I will try on the blue blouse.
Sales Person: What size do you take?
Tenesha: Medium should fit.
Sales Person: I have two colors in your size. Here’s the blue blouse. Please try it on.
Tenesha: OK. (looking in mirror) What do you think?
Sales Person: I think it looks great on you.
Tenesha: I’d really like to buy this. Is it on sale?
Sales Person: Yes, today is a clearance sale. Everything in this section is 20% off.
Tenesha: I’ll take it.
Sales Person: How will you pay for that?
Tenesha: Cash.

Guided Speaking

Complete the dialog, and practice it, changing roles with a partner.
(Scenario – A young man named Tili is shopping for shoes.)

I want to try these on - They look great on you  - Do you have these - Which do you prefer  - Are they on sale

Tili: Hello, I am looking for a pair of business shoes.
Sales Person: (1)      , loafers or wing tips?
Tili: I prefer wing tips. (2)         in brown?
Sales Person: I believe we do. Let me check. Here we are.
Tili: (3)        .
Sales Person: (4)          .
Tili: (5)    ?
Sales Person: No, I’m sorry they are not, but they are selling for a great price.
Tili: OK, I’ll take them. Do you accept VISA?
Sales Man: Yes, we do.


Read the table below, and learn about international shoe size conversion.
Products such as shoes and clothing are not measured the same around the world. You need to
convert your size to a different measuring system when you travel to other countries.
The following table provides an approximate shoe size conversion for several countries.
International Shoe Size Conversion Table


1. Look at the table again, and answer the following questions.

a. Mike, whose foot size is about 260 mm, is looking for shoes in the USA. What size will fit him?
b. Ms. Peng wears approximately size 36 in China. She is looking around a shoe store in London.
What size should she try on?         
c. Jane is visiting France for her vacation and wants to buy shoes for her brother as a gift. His shoe
size is 9.5 in the U.S. What size should Jane buy him?       

Grammar Focus (phrasal verbs)

• I’d like to try this on.
• You’d better try on a larger size.
• I am looking for a pair of business shoes.
• That might cheer you up.

Reading and Discussions

Read the following passage, and answer the questions.

Shopping is a favorite activity for many people in North America. Most people just like to go and look around. When you enter a shop, the clerk or salesperson will ask you if they can help you. If you say no, they will not ask again. Also, they will not stand by or follow you around. Prices are set and the price is usually clearly marked on the product or near it. It is not possible to bargain in most stores in North America. After you buy something, save the receipt. It is quite easy to return the purchased item to a store, even if you have taken it home and unwrapped it. However, you
must have the receipt.
Many Americans love to shop for things on sale. There are almost always some special items for sale at a discount. Also, there is usually a “clearancearea of the store. Here, you can find old items, such as last year’s fashions, for very low prices.
If you want to pay even less for clothes, you can go to a second-hand store. You can find used clothes and other items here. Most of the things are quite old. However, you could find some high-quality, brand-name clothes for just a few dollars. If you shop there, you will be helping others as
well. Most second-hand stores are owned by charities. Almost all of the money from the sales goes to help the poor.

receipt: a note serving as proof of a purchase or a
unwrap: to remove the wrapping of
clearance: a final sale of off-season items to reduce inventory
second-hand: used by a previous owner or owners
charity: an institution founded with the purpose of helping needy people.

1. According to the reading passage, where can you buy clothes at a lower price?

            two, clearance, last year, second-hand, price
Your answer may begin like: There are two ways to do it. First, go to ....

2. How do you buy things at lower prices?

                            website, compare prices, bulk, cash, ask
Your answer may begin like: First, I use websites where I can compare prices among different stores.
Second, ....

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