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Warming Ups

Answer the following questions

  1. Should travelling be avoided until the COVID virus is no longer a factor? 
  2. Is it safe for a woman to travel alone?
  3. Visiting the countryside is better than visiting the city when on vacation.
  4. The only way to learn about different cultures is to travel.
  5. Travelling by air is more convenient than travelling by sea.
  6. Is tourism harmful to cities?
  7. It takes a lot of money to travel around the world.
  8. Should travellers purchase souvenirs while on vacation?
  9. Is it appropriate to impose travel restrictions during a pandemic?
  10. Is it necessary for everyone to understand the global language of tourism?


Fill in the blanks as you listen to the dialog again.

Kusara: Excuse me, sir. I see you’re a foreigner. (1)   ?
John: I (2)     .
Kusara: There’s (3)      . Our train will not continue.
John: I saw some soldiers go by. (4)       .
Kusara: It (5)     to Colombo. We’ll be safe there.
John: Did you hear (6)       ?
Kusara: There will be no news. We (7)    . What will you do?
John: (8)     down the drain. I’ll (9)    .
Thanks for your concern. (10)  ?
Kusara: No. I’m (11)    , another name for Burma.

Useful Expressions

Make complete sentences by writing the best expression in each blank.

a. In front of the hotel is a good place to ________________.

b. Please explain again. We don’t _______________________.

c. If I don’t win, all my training is ____________________.

d. The best scenery on this tour is _____________________.

e. In small villages, news often travels ___________________.

Listening & Speaking

Model Dialog
Listen as the teacher reads the model dialog.
(Scenario – Omar and Maria are coworkers in her office.)

Omar: Hello, Maria. I heard by word of mouth that you’re going on vacation soon.
Maria: Yes, I’m going to Thailand in about two weeks.
Omar: Maria, that’s the rainy season. It’s a terrible time to vacation in Southeast Asia!
Maria: I’ve already made a reservation for my flight. Can I change it now?
Omar: I think so. Why don’t you ask the travel agent for a better destination?
Maria: I know what you mean. I’m going to call right now.
Omar: Where will you go?
Maria: I’ll go to Dubai. There was a discount for advanced payment.
Omar: I can’t believe this! My family lives in Dubai! They’ll be happy to meet you.
Maria: Thanks, you saved me. The ticket to Thailand would have been nonrefundable.
Omar: I’m always happy to help you.
Maria: That would have been money down the drain. Are you leaving?
Omar: Yes. I was just going to lunch.
Maria: OK. Let’s catch a cab downstairs and I’ll buy you lunch.
Omar: The best deli I know of is just up ahead.
Maria: So close to our building? I didn’t know about it. Let’s go.

Guided Speaking

With a partner, take turns completing the answers to the questions.

travel first by plane, then by train - called last night - go whale watching and see the rain forest - go to Malaysia and Singapore - think so, but I don't know for sure - stay four nights and five days

 Did you call your travel agent?
Yes, I  (1)    .

 Where will you go?
I will (2)           .

 Is your ticket refundable?
I (3)    .

 How long will you stay?
We’ll (4)    .

 What will you do there?
I want to (5)      .

 How will you go there?
We’ll (6)     .


Ranking Tables
Read the table, and learn about the world’s most visited tourist attractions.

A magazine released a study about the world’s most visited tourist attractions. The following are the Top 5 attractions with locations and the number of visitors.


Look at the table above, and complete the sentences below.

a. It is noticeable that four out of the top five are in      .
b. A tourist attraction located in London is       .
c. Two amusement parks included in the list are      .

Focus on Usage (expressions of “desire”)

• I would like to travel to Paris, France.
• I’d like a cup of tea, please.
• I want to go on a safari in Africa in order to see various kinds of wild animals.
• I’d love to go on a cruise ship around South America.

Reading and Discussions

Read the following passage, and answer the questions.
Use the words provided below each question.

Tourist Attractions

Museums are popular tourist attractions. They collect, maintain, and exhibit items for people to see. There are many kinds of museums. Some museums show scientific or historic items. Others are art galleries, zoos, or flower gardens. There are different museums for music and sports. There are even virtual museums that have exhibits created with computers.
When visiting a museum, remember that the exhibits are designed for looking. Touching is prohibited because of the time and money that is spent on them. There are a few museums that have interactive programs. In these museums, touching is encouraged. Most cities have many more choices. If you like cultural events, visit a theater to see a live show such as a play or a concert. If you prefer recreational activities, many cities have fantastic amusement parks, zoos, water parks, and sporting events. Go to a major league sporting event, such as a baseball or football game. They are very exciting. Other fun choices include getting a car for a private tour or planning an excursion. Whatever you choose, there are companies that will plan things to suit your tastes. This may involve activities like hot air balloon rides, skydiving, or mountain climbing.
You can book your vacation around special events. Festivals such as Mardi Gras, Oktoberfest, or Carnival offer a great time for everyone. If you like peace and quiet, book your vacation outside of peak season to avoid the crowds. No matter what you like, there is something for everyone.

exhibit: a thing on public display
amusement park: an outdoor place with devices for entertainment
excursion: a short trip for pleasure
suit: to satisfy

1. According to the reading passage, what are tourist attractions you usually find in cities?

theater, amusement park, sporting events, downtown tour, zoo,

Your answer may begin like:
There are many more things to ....

2. Can you make a list of the five greatest tourist attractions in your local area?

national park, ancient palace, lake, building, museum, view, favorite

Your answer may begin like: I’ve never counted how many tourist attractions my area has before. But some of the things that come to mind first are ....

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