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Answer the following questions .

Speaking A1: Family

  1. How many people are there in your family? Can you introduce them briefly?
  2. Who do you live with in your household?
  3. Do you have any siblings? Can you tell me their names and ages?
  4. What is your favorite thing to do with your family?
  5. Do you have any pets in your family? Can you describe them?
  6. Who is the oldest person in your family? What is their name and relationship to you?
  7. What do your parents do for a living?
  8. Do you have any family traditions or special celebrations? Can you explain them?
  9. Who is your closest family member? Why?
  10. Can you describe a memorable moment you had with your family?


Look at the family tree and choose the correct words to complete the sentences below.

Speaking A1: Family
1 Rose is Tonya and Nick’s daughter / mother.
2 Nancy is Nick’s wife / niece.
3 Adam is Nick and Nancy’s son / uncle.
4 Gary is Tonya’s uncle / husband.
5 Marcy is Nick and Nancy’s granddaughter / daughter.
6 Darcy is Albert and Rose’s granddaughter / wife.
7 Tonya is Marcy and Adam’s aunt / mother.
8 Nick is Darcy’s uncle / nephew.
9 Darcy is Nick and Nancy’s mother / niece.
10 Adam is Gary and Tonya’s son / nephew.
11 Darcy is Marcy and Adam’s granddaughter / cousin.


 Use the information from the family tree to complete the sentences below.

1 Gary is   Darcy's  father.
2 Tonya is     sister.

3 Nick is    brother.

4 Adam is Albert and    grandson.

5 Albert is Darcy, Adam and    grandfather.

6 Rose is Marcy, Darcy and   grandmother.


Olivia is showing Mark some photographs.
Listen and number the photographs above in the order that Olivia and Mark talk about them.

Speaking A1: Family 

Listen again.

Choose write or false.

1 Dylan is Olivia’s brother

2   Kate is Dylan’s sister.

3  The dog’s name is Pickles.

Pam is Olivia’s best friend.

5   Cody is Pam and Ben’s nephew.

Emily and Logan are Olivia and Ryan’s children.

Work with a partner.

Read the sentences below from Olivia and Mark’s conversation.
What do the words in blod mean?

1 Is this your brother?                 Mark’s brother                     Olivia’s brother

2 That’s Dylan, and that’s his wife, Kate.

3 That’s a lovely dog! What’s its name?

4 This is my best friend, Pam, and her family.

5 That’s their son, Cody.

6 This is my husband, Ryan, and our children, Emily and Logan.

Language Focus

1. We can add ’s to names and singular nouns to show that something belongs to someone or something. This is called the possessive ’s.
                                      That isn’t Dylan’s dog.
                                      This shop’s prices are very low.

If something belongs to more than one person,  ’s goes on the last name only.

                                             Olivia and Ryan’s children.
                                             Olivia’s and Ryan’s children.

2. We use the words below in bold before nouns, to talk about who or what things belong to.
                                                             This is my family.
                                                             Is this your scarf?
                                                             This is his car.
                                                             Is this her cat?
                                                             These are their books.
                                                             We love our house.
                                                             I saw a cheap dress, but its colour was horrible.

Be careful:
sometimes ’s is a short form of is.
                                   Tom’s a doctor. (’s = is)
                                   This is Tom’s bag. (’s = belongs to Tom)


Complete the sentences below with :

my / our / your / his / her / their / its.

a Nikki is going to the concert with   her   friends.
b We like   boss because he’s very nice.
c Bob has got a brother and a sister. brother is 18 and sister is 16.
d I know Alice, but I don’t know husband.
e Mr and Mrs Johnson live in New York. daughter lives in San Francisco.
f I love Italian food. It’s favourite kind of food.
g Do you like    job?
h That’s a lovely bird.   song is really beautiful.

Time to speak

Work with a partner.

Use your family trees to tell each other about your families.

Ask and answer questions to get extra information.

                               A: This is my sister , Nicole , and her husband John.
                               B: What do they do?
                              A: She's a nurse and he's an engineer.

                              B: Where do they live?

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