The News

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Label the newspaper with the following words .

advert - article - headline


Match the meanings with the words .

A piece of writing about an important topic in a newspaper or magazine.

2 The title of a story in a newspaper or magazine, usually written in large letters.

3 Words or pictures about products to make people want to buy them.

4 Contains lots of stories about sport, gossip and entertainment news.

5 Contains more serious news and articles.

Conplete the sentences with the following words
horoscope - sports pages - comic pages - gossip column - financial pages

a My father usually turns to the   to check the football results.
b Tanya loves reading about famous people, so she turns to the    first.
c I don’t know much about business, so I never read the   .
d I always read my    to see if I’m going to have a good or bad day.
e Even though I’m 40 years old, I still turn to the   . They always make me laugh.

Time to Talk 1

Read the questions below. Make a note of your answers. Add three more questions about reading newspapers.

1. How often do you read newspapers?
2. What part of the newspaper do you turn to first?
3. What type of newspaper do you like reading?
4. Do you read your horoscope?
5. ____________?
6. ____________?
7. ____________?

sk and answer the questions in activity 4.
Make a note of your partner’s answers.
A: What part of the newspaper do you read first?
                 B: I always read the gossip column first. I love reading about famous people.


Match the pictures with the words from the list below.

Internet - social media - radio - newspaper - television - word of mouth



Match the nouns in Column 1 with the correct meanings in Column 2.

1 accuracy            wanting to know or learn about something     
2 speed                  facts about an event, person or situation   
3 interest              how true or correct something is   
4 bias                      shows only one side of the story     
5 information     how fast something moves     

Time to Talk 2

Look at the different ways to get news. Add one more way.

Rate the different sources of news for each category 1-5 (1 = the best).

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