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Vocabulary A1 : Clothes
Vocabulary A1 : Clothes

1- For school, I wear a dark blue skirt and a white shirt. In winter, I wear a blue sweater. I wear black shoes and long white socks.
2- At the weekend, I like to wear comfortable clothes. I usually wear jeans and a T-shirt.
3- For school I wear black trousers and a white shirt. We also have to wear a jacket, even in summer when it is hot!
4-At the weekend, I love to go to the beach and I usually wear shorts and a T-shirt. I always wear my watch because my mum gets angry if I'm late for dinner!
5- When I go outside in winter, I put on a warm coat, and I always wear a hat and gloves to keep my hands warm.
6- For work, I usually wear a dress with a jacket. I really love fashionable shoes because they make me feel good!

Words for talking about clothes

clothes (pl n ) Clothes are the things that people wear, such as shirts, coats, trousers,
and dresses.

coat (n)  A coat is a piece of clothing that you wear over other clothes when you go

dress (n) A dress is a piece of woman's or girl's clothing that covers the body and part of the legs.

glove (n) Gloves are pieces of clothing you wear to keep your hands warm.

hat (n) A hat is a thing that you wear on your head.

jacket (n)  A jacket is a short coat with long sleeves.

jeans (pl.n)  Jeans are trousers that are made of strong blue cloth.

put on  (phrasal verb ) If you put on clothes, you start to wear them.

scarf  (n) A scarf is a piece of cloth that you wear around your neck or head.

shirt (n)  A shirt is a piece of clothing, with a collar and buttons, that you wear on the top part of your body.

shoe  (n)  Shoes are things that you wear on your feet.

shorts  (pl .n) Shorts are trousers with very short legs.

skirt  (n)  A skirt is a piece of woman's or girl's clothing that hangs down and covers part of the legs.

sock  (n)  Socks are pieces of clothing that you wear on your feet, inside your shoes.

sweater   (n)  A sweater is a warm piece of clothing that covers the top part of your body and your arms.

trousers  (pl.n)  Trousers are a piece of clothing that covers your legs.

T-shirt  (n) A T-shirt is a cotton shirt with no buttons and short sleeves.

umbrella  (n)  An umbrella is a long stick with a cover that you use to protect yourself from the rain.

watch (n)  A watch is a small clock that you wear on your arm.

wear  (v) When you wear clothes, you have them on your body.

1- For each question, tick the correct answer.

1 What do you put on in the mornings?

2 When do you wear a coat?

3 Where do you wear a watch?

4 What do you wear at the beach?

5  When do you wear a T-shirt?

6 What can you put on with jeans?

2- Match the words with the pictures. write a letter (a,b,c .)

Vocabulary A1 : Clothes
Vocabulary A1 : Clothes
1 scarf       

2 dress   

3 shirt     

4 skirt     

5 watch   

6 shoes   

3- Rearrange the letters to find words. Use the definitions to help you.

1 snaje     (These trousers are usually blue or black.)
2 triks       (A woman can wear this.)
3 lebruaml    (You use this in wet weather.)
4 tajcek     (Put this on when you are cold.)
5 lestoch      (You wear these every day.)
6 sthriT-        (You can wear this at the beach.)

4- Put the correct word in each gap, as shown.

watch | umbrella | shorts | gloves | hat | socks

1 You wear these on your hands    gloves
2 You put these on your feet     
3 You use this when it rains       
4 You wear these to play football     
5 You put this on your head     
6 You use this to tell the time     

5- Put the correct word in each gap.

shirt | sweater | gloves [ hat | shoes | jacket

Hi Tim,
Thanks for your email. I'm happy you like football! I play on Saturdays. I always wear shorts and a red football1         with the number 7 on it.
Of course, I wear sports   2         on my feet. When it is cold, I wear 3      on my hands and a 4     on my head. I wear a 5    too, to be warm. When we finish. I put on my 6  and go home.
See you,

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