Describing Objects

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Describing objects


vocabulary A1 : Describing Objects
vocabulary A1 : Describing Objects

1- In picture 1 , a girl is sitting at a table, looking at some pieces of paper. Above her head, there is a big lamp. There is a rug under the table.

2- In picture 2, a boy is standing by his bedroom window, looking outside. The garden below looks lovely. The sky is blue and the leaves on the trees are green. The boy can see his dog behind the trees.

Words that describe things

above (prep) If one thing is above another, it is over it or higher than it.

at (prep)  You use at to say where something happens or is situated.

behind (prep) If something is behind a thing or person, it is at the back of it.

below (prep) If something is below something else, it is in a lower position.

big (adj) Someone or something that is big is large in size.

black (adj) Something that is black is the colour of the sky at night.

blue (adj) Something that is blue is the colour of the sky on a sunny day.

bottom (n) The bottom of something is the lowest part of it.

brown (adj) Something that is brown is the colour of earth or wood.

different (adj)  If two people or things are different, they are not like each other.

glass (n) Glass is used for making things such as windows and bottles.

green (adj) Something that is green is the colour of grass or leaves.

important (adj) If something is important to you, you feel that you must do, have, or think about it.

inside (prep) , (adv) Something or someone that is inside something is in it.

object (n) An object is anything that has a fixed shape or form and that is not alive.

outside (prep), (adv) If you are outside, you are not in a building, but you are very close to it.

paper (n) Paper is a material that you write on or wrap things with.

red (adj)  Something that is red is the colour of blood or of a tomato.

under (prep)  If a person or a thing is under something, they are below it.

white (adj) Something that is white is the colour of snow or milk.

yellow (adj) Something that is yellow is the colour of lemons or butter.

1- Find the words that do not belong

1- Colours 

2- Positions

3- Materials

4- Colours

5- Positions

6- Colours

7- Positions

2- For each question, tick the correct answer

1 What colour is the sky on a sunny day?

2 What is a window made of?

3 What can you write on?

4 Where is your neck?

5 Where is a garden usually?

3-Choose the correct word.

1 My new phone is very ______from my old phone.

2 We have four children, so we need a_____ car.

3 If a ______ bottle breaks, it can cut you. 

4 The _______ walls of my house are painted white.

5 Ben stood at the ______ of the stairs.

6 People's families are very ______ to them.

4- Put the correct word in each gap.

inside | important | under | outside | bottom | at | paper | green

The house was very hot, so Steven went  1     into the garden. He looked around the garden. There was a piece of  2    on the grass 3  a tree.
He looked at it. There was a name at the 4    It was the name of the country's president, and something about him. Steven thought it was 5   He was worried.
He went back  6  the house to talk to someone about it.

5- Write the missing word in sentence B so that it means the same as sentence A

1 A My parents' flat is below my flat.
B My flat is  above   my parents' flat.

2 A The woman stood in front of a big picture.
B There was a big picture       the woman.

3 A The computer was on a desk in front of everyone in the room.
B The computer was on a desk       the front of the room.

4 A We didn't go outside, because it was raining.
B We stayed  , because it was raining.

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