Describing People

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Body Parts

Body Parts

Vocabulary A1 : Describing People
Vocabulary A1 : Describing People

Words for talking about the different parts of the body

bald (adj)  Someone who is bald has no hair on the top of their head.

body (n) A person's body is all their physical parts.

face (n) Your face is the front part of your head.

head (n) Your head is the top part of your body that has your eyes, mouth and brain in it.

skin (n) Skin is the substance that covers the outside of a person's body.

1- Rearrange the letters to find words, as shown. Use the definitions to help you.

1 hutom     mouth   (y0u put food in this and use it to eat.)
2 etef     (You can stand on one or both of these.)
3 rase      (You use these to listen.)
4 eson      (You smell with this.)
5 dashn       (You can hold things with these.)
6 nisk       (The sun can burn this.)

2- Is the sentence correct or wrong ?

1 Your legs start at your shoulders.

2 Your teeth are inside your mouth.

3 Your eyes, nose and feet are all parts of your face.

4 A bald man is a man with no hair on his head.

5 Your skin is something inside your body.

6 A moustache grows between a man's nose and his mouth.

3- Complete the sentences by writing one word in each gap.

1 Gina has dark       that goes down to her shoulders.
2 Terry is bald, but he has a grey moustache and     
3 Your arms and legs are part of your     
4 How long can you stand on one     ?
5 Some people need glasses because their                   are weak.
6 We hold a pen in one        when we write.

4- Are the highlighted words correct or incorrect in the sentences?

1 The sun was hot, so the man wore a hat on his bald  head.

2 Freddie has got long legs  so he can run very fast.

3 The dog stood on two hands  and tried to get the food on the table.

4 When the lion opened its mouth, you could see its teeth  .

5 It was cold, so Joe wore his coat and a scarf round his arms  .

6 Rachel closed her eyes  and went to sleep.

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