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Things in your house
Vocabulary A1 : House & Home
Vocabulary A1 : House & Home

1- There are four chairs around the table.
2- The bed is in front of the window.
3- The toilet is next to the shower.
4- The key opens the door.

Words for talking about house and home

address  ( n ) Your address is the number of the building, the name of the street, and the town or city where you live or work.

bath (n)A bath is a container that you fill with water and sit in to wash your body.

bathroom (n) A bathroom is a room that contains a bath or a shower and often a toilet.

bed (n) A bed is a piece of furniture that you lie on when you sleep.

bedroom (n) A bedroom is a room where people sleep.

chair (n) A chair is a piece of furniture for one person to sit on, with a back and four legs.

dining room (n) A dining room is a room where people eat their meals.

door (n) A door is a piece of wood, glass, or metal that fills an entrance.

flat (n) A flat is a set of rooms for living in, usually on one floor.

garden (n) A garden is an area by your house where you grow flowers and vegetables.

home (n) Someone's home is the place where they live.

house (n) A house is a building where people live.

key (n) A key is a shaped piece of metal that opens or closes a lock.

kitchen (n) A kitchen is a room that is used for cooking.

live (v) If you live somewhere, you have your home in that place.

living room (n) The living room in a house is the room where people sit together and talk or watch television.

shower (n) A shower is a thing that you stand under, that covers you with water so you can wash yourself.

table (n) A table is a piece of furniture with a flat top that you put things on or sit at.

toilet (n) A toilet is a large bowl with a seat that you use when you want to get rid of waste from your body.

wall (n) A wall is one of the sides of a building or a room.

window (n) A window is a space in the wall of a building or in the side of a vehicle that has glass in it.

1- Put the correct word or words in each gap. (one extra)

bedroom | addresses | lives | living room | dining room | kitchen | windows

John   1    in a very nice flat. He has a small  2    to sleep in, and a
big   3      to sit in with his friends. He cooks all his meals in his   4     
He eats meals with his friends in the     5        He can see a park from his 6

2- Match the words with the pictures

Vocabulary A1 : House & Home
Vocabulary A1 : House & Home

1- kitchen     

2- Living room 

3- Shower   

4- Bedroom   

5- House         

6- Dining room   

3- Choose the correct word

1- My_______ is 23, Main Street.

2-  Ben is sitting outside in the ________. 

3- Put this picture on the ________. 

4- This house has four _______. 

5- Come in and sit on the _______ . 

6- Dan is looking out of the ______.

4- For each question, tick the correct answer.

1 In the living room, there are

2 This key opens the

3 I live in a small

4 The bedroom has white

5 There's a big table in the

6 There's a toilet in the

5- Match the sentence halves.

wash  - cook -  sleep  -  watch TV  - have my lunch - sit outside

1- I              in the bathroom 

2- I            in the garden 

3- I           in the bedroom 

4-  I         in the living room

5- I       in the dining room

6- I        in the kitchen

6-Find the words or phrases that do not belong

1 Rooms

2 Places to live

3 Things in a dining room

4 Rooms to wash in

5 Parts of a house

6 Things in a bedroom

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